Anna Aronova

Anna Aronova

Friends support, not allowing to fall. Foes - pointers dead-end path.-AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [04/30/2018 11:04:57]
When a person is alone, either he is offended by the whole world, or the whole world at his feet. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/16/2018 02:06:31]
What is not done will not have to be re-done. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/24/2018 07:06:39]
Frivolity helps to soar in the clouds! -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [07/22/2018 06:07:39]
A foolish one runs after glory, and a clever one avoids it.-AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [05/01/2018 04:05:58]

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