Anna Aronova

Anna Aronova

Who is happy in himself, able to see the world multicolored! -AnnaAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/01/2018 05:06:56]
Fools compete, and clever - are soaring above them…- AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:38]
Any (not)known scoundrels — not the face of any nation, and her ass.
They do not represent their people, but themselves.More Anna Aronova quotes [05/31/2018 05:05:36]
If the goal is wealth, then conscience is excessive ballast. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/16/2018 08:06:21]
Head, if empty - do not close the mouth! -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [04/10/2018 01:04:11]

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