Anna Aronova

Anna Aronova

Do not hold the one who leaves, you are not on the way… -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [09/24/2018 09:09:42]
No deprivation not deprived of the last hope. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [07/22/2018 05:07:54]
Friends support, not allowing to fall. Foes - pointers dead-end path.-AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [04/30/2018 11:04:57]
Energetic ideological fool — especially dangerous! -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/19/2018 02:06:29]
The more meaningful the thought, the more poweword each word. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [06/21/2018 03:06:35]

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