Anna Aronova

Anna Aronova

We do not want to see ourselves from the side, because the spectacle is not pleasant. -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [05/30/2018 01:05:01]
Head, if empty - do not close the mouth! -AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [04/10/2018 01:04:11]
Don't blame others for your own shortcomings.-AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [09/15/2018 02:09:58]
Everyone needs support... for their plans and deeds.More Anna Aronova quotes [09/25/2018 01:09:08]
We cannot wait for mercy... from life, to make it (such as we need) - this is our task!-AnnaIsAronovaMore Anna Aronova quotes [05/10/2018 10:05:07]

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