Pavel Haritonov

Pavel Haritonov

Kelconf: Bayót no meys bi-birs Necs, sot — soháy cúpo mep…More Pavel Haritonov quotes [08/22/2018 11:08:04]
Kelconf: Fit ceys kac na so, yetam’én, hey kac e sot is, pa nq.More Pavel Haritonov quotes [07/03/2018 01:07:04]
Kelconf: Fit so ekoháy zo, yeván k yezák gols ne eyhóbe ho zo: «Ay eygó».More Pavel Haritonov quotes [05/17/2018 10:05:03]
Kelconf: Gómec — xéymec, táfec — gólec, vohá — vúkec.More Pavel Haritonov quotes [05/18/2018 03:05:20]
Kelconf: Soh ápis yuzán, tuk vurs yumuxá k exón «endé».More Pavel Haritonov quotes [06/26/2018 06:06:01]

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