Pavel Kharitonov

Pavel Kharitonov

Kelconf: Fit so weláto egó dijáy, fo ret lefáy elín na aó néleys, fit dibáy na fo.More Pavel Kharitonov quotes [05/14/2018 05:05:33]
Kelconf: Gómec xéymec, táfec gólec, vohá vúkec.More Pavel Kharitonov quotes [05/18/2018 03:05:20]
Kelconf: Forh edífu forhá pa tal, hey egó soc pa Forh.More Pavel Kharitonov quotes [07/12/2018 09:07:38]
Kelconf: Rey am tóhe. Hu ta negép ams fayót ron fo so?More Pavel Kharitonov quotes [07/27/2018 02:07:39]
Kelconf: Heys ejúlu, fit egóf seys.More Pavel Kharitonov quotes [07/17/2018 11:07:43]

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