Pavel Astahov

Pavel Astahov

The lawyer of the Moscow City Bar Association
There is always a way out. Even when you were swallowed by a crocodile.More Pavel Astahov quotes [07/24/2020 08:07:55]
No matter what happens, a person always has a choice.More Pavel Astahov quotes [07/24/2020 08:07:07]
Even in a muddy puddle the sun is reflected.More Pavel Astahov quotes [07/24/2020 05:07:05]
Entrusting yourself to a drunk driver is tantamount to playing Russian roulette.More Pavel Astahov quotes [07/24/2020 08:07:39]
Delving into someone else's grief is not listening to bedtime stories.More Pavel Astahov quotes [07/24/2020 08:07:57]

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