Robert Plant

Robert Plant

I don't see what the point is in growing up.More Robert Plant quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
What I lack in style and craft, I can make up for in joy and enthusiasm. I like to be around people who are at ease so I like to think the 25-year-old [I] would find me quite an easy-going late-middle-aged hippie.More Robert Plant quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Since I was a kid, I've had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties - but I'd never really touched on dark Americana.More Robert Plant quotes [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
I am a reflection of what I sing. Sometimes I have to get serious because the things Ive been through are serious.More Robert Plant quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I realized what Led Zeppelin was about around the end of our first U.S. tour. We started off not even on the bill in Denver, and by the time we got to New York we were second to Iron Butterfly, and they didn't want to go on!More Robert Plant quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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