Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long

Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long

Ben: I respect him. I admire his manners and I admire the speeches he makes and I admire the big house he lives in. But if you're saving it all for him honey, you've got your account in the wrong bank.More Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long quotes [08/10/2008 12:08:00]
Will Varner: I get preached to on Sundays
Ben: I know, and you don't listen, and neither did I.More Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long quotes [08/10/2008 12:08:00]
Sarah Marshall: I'd give something to know what goes on in my brother's temperature dreams. I know what goes on in mine.More Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long quotes [08/10/2008 12:08:00]
Will Varner: Thousands of acres out there. Millions of seeds put down in the ground, and every year the seeds come up again. Life goes on. Where's my crop, huh? What follows me? What happens when I'm dead?
Clara: You'll probably have the biggest funeral in the state of Mississippi.
Will Varner: That don't scare me none, just so long as there are plenty of Varners to mourn me.
Clara: Jody and I'll be there.
Will Varner: You and Jody and Jody's kids and yours and their kids, my descendants, sister, a line, a long line with my face stamped on 'em, my blood flowing in their veins.
Clara: All of that from the two of us?More Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long quotes [08/10/2008 12:08:00]
Ben: I can see my white shirt and my black tie and my Sunday manners didn't fool you for a minute. Well, that's right, ma'am, I'm a menace to the countryside. All a man's gotta do is just look at me sideways and his house goes up in fire. And here I am, living right here in the middle of your peaceable little town, right in your back yard, you might say. Guess that ought to keep you awake at night.More Hot Summer [1958] Movie: The Long quotes [08/10/2008 12:08:00]

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