Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976]

Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976]

Harry Callahan: May I make a statement, McKay?
Capt McKay: Go ahead!
Harry Callahan: You mouthwash ain't makin' it.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Frank DiGiorgio: Hey, what's with the citizen?
[Harry turns the car around and approaches a restaurant, with a worried-looking waiter outside. Harry addresses the waiter as he pulls up]
Harry Callahan: Police officer, what's the problem?
Waiter #1: Oh, thank God. He's inside.
[he turns to go back into the restaurant]
Waiter #1: [Harry looks at him puzzedly, doesn't move]
Waiter #1: [noticing Harry isn't following him] Come on, it's a heart attack!
Harry Callahan: [to Digorgio] Wait here.
Waiter #1: Make some room, please. Please move aside. Please, move aside, this is an emergency.
[Harry and the waiter continue into the restaurant]
Waiter #1: Excuse us, please. Would you please move over. Would you please give us room.
[to the owner]
Waiter #1: He's a police officer.
Restaurant Owner: Police? But where's the ambulance?
Waiter #2: [to Harry] This poor man's had a heart attack. I think he's still breathing, though.
Harry Callahan: [gazes down at the man on the floor, then begins kicking him in the ribs] Come on, get up. Get up! Get up. Come on.
Waiter #2: What are you doing?
Harry Callahan: [continuing] Come on, get up, get up, get up! Come on!
[Harry grabs him by the tie and yanks him to his feet]
Restaurant Customer: [shocked] I say!
Harry Callahan: [pulling the man out of the restaurant by his tie] Party's over.
Freddie the Fainter: Thanks a lot, Harry.
Harry Callahan: What are you squawking about? You got the free meal, didn't you?
Freddie the Fainter: Yeah, but I always enjoy that ride in the ambulance.
Harry Callahan: Get out of here.
[shoves him away]More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Harry Callahan: [tackles suspect in a church while knocking over some pews] All right, speedy, you're under arrest!
Father John: In the name of God, man, this is a church. What are you doing?
Harry Callahan: I'm a police officer, this man's under arrest.
Henry Lee: Father, help me, I wasn't doing a damn thing. This guy is just rousting me.
Father John: Would it be asking too much to see some credentials, Officer?
Harry Callahan: This guy runs like a rabbit. I'm not about to let him go.
Father John: I'd like to see the credentials, right now.
Harry Callahan: If you insist.
[slugs suspect out cold and then gets his credentials out]
Harry Callahan: Callahan, Inspector.
Father John: Well, Callahan... I think you're a disgrace to this city!
Kate Moore: [Bursting into the church, gun drawn] Okay, nobody move!
Harry Callahan: Marvelous.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Harry Callahan: What about that punk?
Lt. Al Bressler: You mean the suspect?
Harry Callahan: Suspect my ass!More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Capt McKay: I said I wanted the hoods run out of town but I never said to use violence!
Harry Callahan: What did you want me to do, yell trick-or-treat at 'em?More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]

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