Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976]

Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976]

Frank DiGiorgio: [DiGiorgio is dying] Harry, listen, the punk who cut me. I've seen him before.
Harry Callahan: Where?
Frank DiGiorgio: ...I just can't make the name.
Lt. Al Bressler: Well, where do you know him from, Frank?
Frank DiGiorgio: That homicide, remember, Harry? The old hooker, Filmore district. The summer of '71?
Harry Callahan: Yeah, well, what about it?
Harry Callahan: He was one of the pimps we questioned. We liked him for it, Harry, we liked him real good.
Harry Callahan: As I recall, we liked everybody north of Market Street on that one.
Frank DiGiorgio: He had one of those cutesy-pie, little boy names: Charlie, or something... or Bobby...
Lt. Al Bressler: I'll check Records, they should have your notes.
[Bressler leaves]
Frank DiGiorgio: Ten-to-one they blow it.
Harry Callahan: Not this time, Frank.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Harry Callahan: I'll tell you what you are to me, little man. You're just a maggot who sells dirty pictures.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Capt McKay: $14,379.
Harry Callahan: How can that be?
Capt McKay: You want an itemized account? You took out two front doors, one front window, 12 feet of counter. Plus damages to the stock, plus one city vehicle totaled. Not to mention three hostages in the hospital, all of whom will probably sue the city.
Harry Callahan: For what?
Capt McKay: Excessive use of force. For your information, Callahan, the minority community has just about had it with this kind of police work.
Harry Callahan: By the "minority community", I suppose you're talking about the hoods.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Lt. Dobbs: Are you finished with the questioning, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: Hypothetical situation, huh? All right, I'm standing on the street corner, and Mrs. Grey there comes up and propositions me. She says if I come home with her, for $5 she'll put on an exhibition with a Shetland pony...
Mrs. Grey: If this is your idea of humor, Inspector...
Lt. Dobbs: All right, what are you trying to do here, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: I'm just trying to find out if anybody in this room knows what the hell law is being broken, besides cruelty to animals.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]
Mustapha: [inviting Harry to come in and talk] Why don't you just come into my office here.
[Inspector Moore starts following Harry in]
Mustapha: Uh, just you.
Black Guys: Don't worry, pig, we'll see she don't get lonesome.
Harry Callahan: Well, that's mighty white of you.
Black Guys: [start to move closer to Kate Moore with mischief looks]
Kate Moore: Now gentlemen, before anybody does anything uncalled for, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out to you that I am a police officer, and if you touch me with intent to do bodily harm...
[fades out as Harry continues inside]
Kate Moore: [... moments later when Harry exits shop, the confrontation is still going on]
Harry Callahan: Having fun, Inspector? If you're through socializing, we do have work to do.
[leaves the shop]
Kate Moore: [to herself] Son of a bitch.
[She catches up to Harry]
Kate Moore: Look, Inspector, if you have some sort of objection to the way I handled myself, I wish you'd just say so... I thought I was doing all right.
Harry Callahan: [aside to the camera, after getting in] Marvelous.More Movie: The Enforcer [1976] Movie: The Enforcer [1976] quotes [10/12/2007 12:10:00]

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