Andrey Platonov

Andrey Platonov

a Soviet author whose works anticipate existentialism
The working class is my home country, and my future is linked with the proletariat.More Andrey Platonov quotes [07/10/2011 09:07:34]
Happiness will come from materialism, not from meaning. More Andrey Platonov quotes [07/10/2011 09:07:19]
My body gets weak without truth.More Andrey Platonov quotes [07/10/2011 09:07:22]
I have a trend of my own.More Andrey Platonov quotes [07/10/2011 09:07:26]
I want my word to be up to the scale of the feat of arms performed by the Russian soldier.More Andrey Platonov quotes [07/10/2011 09:07:54]

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