Candace Owens

Candace Owens

is an American conservative commentator and political activist
REMINDER BLACK PEOPLE: If you don’t do the bidding for wealthy white Democrats “YOU AIN’T BLACK”.More Candace Owens quotes [06/06/2020 02:06:27]
White supremacy and police brutality are myths.More Candace Owens quotes [06/06/2020 01:06:12]
The mainstream media especially CNN are manipulating black people like puppets.More Candace Owens quotes [06/06/2020 01:06:40]
Will rioting and looting as well as violence against cops bring back George Floyd?More Candace Owens quotes [06/06/2020 01:06:52]
Black lives only matter to white liberals, every 4 years, ahead of an election.More Candace Owens quotes [06/06/2020 01:06:42]

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