Richard Barone

Richard Barone

rock musician
Mine cost about five times more, but they're made better. I'm making a special instrument. It's gaining in popularity, and I keep improving the instrument.More Richard Barone quotes [11/18/2012 06:11:21]
What we got was a weak moderate candidate handpicked by the Beltway elites and country-club establishment wing of the Republican Party. The presidential loss is unequivocally on them.More Richard Barone quotes [11/18/2012 06:11:11]
Meanwhile, I noticed that my kinetic sculptures started incidentally making sounds.More Richard Barone quotes [11/18/2012 06:11:29]
There will be a lot of blame to go around, but, if Republicans are honest, they’ll have to concede that the Romney campaign ran a bad campaign.More Richard Barone quotes [11/18/2012 06:11:58]
About once a year, I go to California for recording and to see my daughter in Palo Alto. I'm backordered into March, mostly for Waterphones.More Richard Barone quotes [11/18/2012 06:11:15]

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