Isaak Newton

Isaak Newton

English mathematician and physicist
This most beautiful system [The Universe] could only proceed from the dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.More Isaak Newton quotes [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
If I have seen further... it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.More Isaak Newton quotes [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.More Isaak Newton quotes [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
I keep the subject of my inquiry constantly before me, and wait till the first dawning opens gradually, by little and little, into a full and clear light.More Isaak Newton quotes [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The Christian ministry is the worst of all trades, but the best of all professions.More Isaak Newton quotes [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
After countless hours of physical studies,Einstein, Newton and Pascal decide to play hide and seek. Newton tells Einstein to count to 50. As soon as Einstein starts counting Pascal instantly runs and hide behind a large bush. Meanwhile Newton still thinking about physics he decides to draw a square metre on the ground with a stick right in front of Einstein.

Einstein finishes counting to 50, opens his eyes and sighs as he says to Newton, "Newton why do you never have fun. It's called hide and seek. You know, you need to hide so I can find you".

Newton replies you haven't found Newton at all. In fact you have found Pascal. Newton on a square metre is Pascal so you have not found Newton at all.More Jokes about Isaak Newton [01/02/2018 12:01:02]
Isaac Newton was outside trying to explains the forces of the world and then it hit him.More Jokes about Isaak Newton [01/02/2018 12:01:02]

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