Jose Couceiro

Jose Couceiro

Portuguese football manager who currently manages Lokomotiv Moscow.
The fans are now beginning to accept failure, which is surprising. The Tartan Army definitely deserves to go to a major tournament. I'm hoping and praying it will be the next one, the World Cup.More Jose Couceiro quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:27]
We dominated the playing and should score much more goals today.More Jose Couceiro quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:52]
Since I have failed to reach the targets we set for this campaign, my time is up in the job.More Jose Couceiro quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:39]
We have failed to win as many points as we wished. Since I, as a coach, failed to reach my goals, Iím finishing my work here.More Jose Couceiro quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:55]
We played well in attack today. We created plenty of opportunities but failed to score more than once and the opponents punished us for wasting our chances.More Jose Couceiro quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:15]

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