Hafez al- Assad

Hafez al- Assad

As soon as the legitimate Lebanese government is convinced that the conditions have ripened and that Lebanon is able to maintain stability on its own... Then, the Syrian forces will return to their homeland.More Hafez al- Assad quotes [11/16/2011 03:11:37]
But the issue has to do with land, which is our land.More Hafez al- Assad quotes [11/16/2011 03:11:43]
It is natural that we should always expect an Israeli attack, even when it does not threaten.More Hafez al- Assad quotes [11/16/2011 03:11:36]
It is even more so when it comes to Iraq, which is a large Arab country with scientific, material, and human resources and is able to accomplish, at the least, what Lebanon accomplished, and more.More Hafez al- Assad quotes [11/16/2011 03:11:31]
It should be known that Israel is based on treachery.More Hafez al- Assad quotes [11/16/2011 03:11:42]

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