Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette

Her role in 'Desperately Seeking Susan' (1985)


An actress in the Arquette clan, Rosanna Arquette caught critics’ attention
after her starring role in the romantic comedy Baby, It’s You (1983, as Jill
Rosen), where she won a Boston Society of Film Critics Award. She was also
applauded for the brilliant portrayal of Roberta Glass in Desperately Seeking
Susan (1985, took home a BAFTA and earned a Golden Globe nomination), before
reaping more critical recognition as Martha Travis in the Mike Hodges’s horror
Black Rainbow (1989), where she collected a Mystfest Award, a Catalonian
International Film Festival Award and an International Fantasy Film Award.
Arquette, who became a BAFTA nominee after playing Marcy Franklin in After Hours
(1985), received applause for her documentary projects, Searching For Debra
Winger (2002) and All We Are Saying (2005).

Outside the limelight, the vegan actress is the owner of Flower Child
Productions. She is also an active supporter of promoting awareness toward
breast cancer. Romantically, Arquette was once linked to Steve Porcaro, the lead
singer of Toto, who then composed the well-known “Rosanna” (1982) for her. The
ex-wife of Anthony Greco and James Newton Howard, the actress formed a
relationship with composer Peter Gabriel (born in February 13, 1950) and lived
with him in Europe from 1988-1992. After her third marriage (with John Sidel)
failed, in September 2001, Arquette announced her engagement to Immortal
Entertainment president David Codikow. The blonde actress is the mother of
daughter Zoe Sidel.

The Hitchhiker

Childhood and Family:

In the heart of New York, Rosanna Lauren Arquette was born on August 10, 1959.
She is the oldest child of actor Lewis Arquette and poet/political activist
Mardi, as well as the sister of actors Patricia Arquette (born on April 8,
1968), David Arquette (born on September 8, 1971), Alexis Arquette (born in
1969) and Richmond Arquette (also a writer, born in 1963).

Previously living with her family in a commune in Front Royal, Virginia, Rosanna
decided to hitchhike to San Francisco with friends, where she worked at
Renaissance and Dickens fairs. Sadly, in 1990, her parents divorced and seven
years later, her mother died of breast cancer.

Rosanna once had a little-known marriage that lasted only a year (1977 - 1978).
On July 17, 1979, she married Anthony Greco, but that relationship also ended in
divorce. After having another one-year marriage (with composer James Newton
Howard, 1986-1987), the actress tied the knot with John Sidel in December 1993.
Rosanna and John, who divorced in 1999, share a daughter named Zoe Blue Sidel.

Desperately Seeking Susan


In Los Angeles, Rosanna Arquette landed her first professional stage performance
in the 1975 production of “Metamorphosis” at the Story Theatre. Two years later,
she had the opportunity to appear on screen and made a TV movie debut in Having
Babies II (1977), playing Connie. She also debuted on a miniseries with the
supporting role of Kate Constantine in the horror thriller “The Dark Secret of
Harvest Home” (1978), and followed it up with a first movie appearance in More
American Graffiti (1979, as a girl in a commune). Still in 1979, she acquired
the regular part of Debra Miller, the daughter of the title character, in
“Shirley” (1979-1980). It was ensued by her roles in Blake Edwards’ comedy S.O.B
(1981, as Babs) and the biopic of Gary Gilmore, a sentenced murderer lobbying
for his own execution, in The Executioner’s Song (1982, had the supporting role
of Nicole Baker).

Arquette was next seen as Jill Rosen, a frustrated high school student, in the
John Sayles’ romantic comedy Baby, It’s You (1983), and was so impressive that
she won a Boston Society of Film Critics award for Best Actress. Following her
supporting role of Tilda Kirby in the made-for-TV drama The Parade (1984), the
actress rose to even higher prominence after costarring as Roberta Glass,
opposite Madonna, in the romantic comedy Desperately Seeking Susan (1985). For
her superb portrayal in the movie, she took home a BAFTA for Best Supporting
Actress and earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. The same year,
she gave a BAFTA-nominated performance as Marcy Franklin in the Martin Scorsese
comedy thriller After Hours (1985). The actress was also seen in the role of
Sarah in the adaptation of Lawrence Block’s book titled 8 Million Ways to Die
(1986), Kara Dimley in an episode of “Trying Times” (1987) and Johana Baker, a
young clerk in a security office, in the Luc Besson-helmed romantic drama Le
Grand Bleu (1988).

Arquette earned a great deal of praise for her portrayal of Martha Travis in
Mike Hodges’ horror movie, the Black Rainbow (1989), in which she collected a
Mystfest, a Catalonian International Film Festival and an International Fantasy
Film award for Best Actress. On the small screen, the actress also accepted
leading roles in the TV films Separation (1990, as actress Sarah Weiss), the
historical Son of the Morning Star (1991, opposite Gary Cole) and In the Deep
Woods (1992).

In 1994, Arquette gained even wider fame for her one-of-a-kind turn as Jody in
Quentin Tarantino’s crime drama Pulp Fiction. She also took the supporting role
of Lauren Mirkheim in the star-studded Search and Destroy (1995), acted
alongside Holly Hunter in David Cronenberg’s controversial movie Crash (1996),
costarred with Joe Pesci and Danny Glover in the comedy Gone Fishin’ (1997),
took the unaccredited role of Connie Phillips in Hope Floats (1998) and had a
leading turn as Linda in the TV drama Switched at Birth (1999, opposite Melissa

Entering the new millennium, Arquette moved to the off-camera position by
becoming the music consultant for Lucky Numbers (2000). After playing the
hateful Sophie Oseransky in the mob comedy The Whole Nine Yards (2000) and the
restaurant owner Grace Horn in Diary of a Sex Addict (2001), the actress again
worked behind-the-scenes in the critically acclaimed documentary Searching For
Debra Winger (2002). In the 2002 project, Arquette served as director, writer,
producer and part of the miscellaneous crew.

The actress next made guest appearances in many TV series, such as two episodes
of the sitcom “Will & Grace” (2003, as Julie), a 2005 episode of “Malcolm in the
Middle,” and several installments of drama series “The L Word” (2004 and 2006,
played married socialite Sherry). Meanwhile, she also resumed working on
documentary work for All We Are Saying (2005), where she took on the multiple
roles of director, producer and cinematographer. Recently, she appeared on the
small screen with the recurring role of Nic in five episodes of the J.J.
Abrams-created drama “What About Brian” (2006).


Mystfest: Best Actress, Black Rainbow, 1991
International Fantasy Film: Best Actress, Black Rainbow, 1990
Catalonian International Film Festival: Best Actress, Black Rainbow,
BAFTA: Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Desperately Seeking Susan,
Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Actress, Baby, It’s You, 1984
And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me.More Rosanna Arquette quotes [11/14/2011 11:11:03]
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It's not fair the emphasis put on beauty, or on sexuality.
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I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me.More Rosanna Arquette quotes [03/12/2018 02:03:32]

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