Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth

As they rallied onto night a cancer fled his soul Dissolving...She made him click without desire and in his eyes she swam a Goddess.More Cradle Of Filth quotes [09/02/2012 02:09:19]
So I swore to thy razor that never, enchained. Would your dark nails of faith be pushed through my veins again.More Cradle Of Filth quotes [09/02/2012 02:09:35]
Wracked with your charm I am circled like prey. Back in the forest where whispers persuade.More Cradle Of Filth quotes [09/02/2012 02:09:31]
Cold was my soul untold was the pain. I faced when you left me a rose in the rain.More Cradle Of Filth quotes [09/03/2012 03:09:37]
Where will you be when they're vilifying? How will they see when the truth is blinding?More Cradle Of Filth quotes [09/02/2012 02:09:51]

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