The martial-arts business industry is frequently hit truly hard…More Jamiroquai quotes [01/14/2012 01:01:30]
No, we don't think that at all – I think if I was offered £2 million by Pepsi Cola to team up with the Spice Girls and Boyzone, that would be selling your soul.More Jamiroquai quotes [01/14/2012 01:01:04]
When I'm abroad I can actually see the people I'm talking to and I like that idea.More Jamiroquai quotes [01/14/2012 01:01:49]
We can always take but never give. More Jamiroquai quotes [01/14/2012 01:01:01]
I've been waiting for that kind of thing for years – video messaging, etc. So I don't think so, I think it's been a fairly natural partnership, to be honest.More Jamiroquai quotes [01/14/2012 01:01:57]

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