Wilgelm Liebknecht

Wilgelm Liebknecht

German Social-Democrat
This republic represents the greatest basis for that universal socialist order, the creation of which is at the present time the historic task of the International Proletariat.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:53]
Consider well this fact: As long as the German people does not arise and use force directed by its own will, the assassination of the people will continue.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:53]
The Russian revolution was to an unprecedented degree the cause of the proletariat of the whole world becoming more revolutionary.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:47]
The new Germany has the unquestionable right to hold its tongue between its teeth.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:39]
Long live the liberation of the workers off all countries from the infernal chasm of war, exploitation and slavery!More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:10]

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