Wilgelm Liebknecht

Wilgelm Liebknecht

German Social-Democrat
In the present imperialistic milieu there can be no wars of national self-defense.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:37]
Through this experience we have been warned - learn everything, don't forget anything!More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:04]
The failure of the Russian Socialist Republic will be the defeat of the proletariat of the whole world.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:34]
In capitalist history, invasion and class struggle are not opposites, as the official legend would have us believe, but one is the means and the expression of the other.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:31]
The aim of my life is the overthrow of monarchy.More Wilgelm Liebknecht quotes [08/01/2011 05:08:22]

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