George Boy

George Boy

British singer and songwriter
I just go in my back garden. It's the only place where people don't come and bother you.More George Boy quotes [12/30/2011 12:12:15]
Part of me looks at the gay movement now and worries that we're losing our individuality.More George Boy quotes [12/30/2011 12:12:49]
Well there are those who think you can only succeed at someone else's expense.More George Boy quotes [12/30/2011 12:12:17]
Beethoven had a great look. It was very much about the drama of appearance.More George Boy quotes [12/30/2011 12:12:23]
When Culture Club broke up, I hadn't been going out a lot because we'd been working all the time, so I suddenly had this period of leisure. And it was just around the time that the whole acid house thing kicked off in London.More George Boy quotes [12/30/2011 12:12:57]

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