Oles Buzina

Oles Buzina

writer, journalist, TV presenter
The smoke of fame is worthless unless it rises above the pot of porridge.More Oles Buzina quotes [12/21/2022 08:12:13]
The American dream is to come to visit with a gun and shoot at the owner from the threshold!More Oles Buzina quotes [12/21/2022 08:12:33]
Nobody destroys Ukraine like those who professionally love it for money.More Oles Buzina quotes [11/12/2022 10:11:51]
How to treat people who sincerely believe today that by "protesting" they are doing good to Ukraine? How about enemies? In no case. as victims of propaganda. They were told for a long time that paradise can only be with the prefix "euro". And here is the resultMore Oles Buzina quotes [01/03/2023 08:01:09]
You can learn from Europe, but it is useless to obey.More Oles Buzina quotes [12/21/2022 08:12:59]

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