Robert Lynd

Robert Lynd

American sociologists
Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.More Robert Lynd quotes [08/30/2011 02:08:31]
One of the greatest joys known to man is to take a flight into ignorance in search of knowledge.More Robert Lynd quotes [08/30/2011 02:08:07]
Almost any game with any ball is a good game.More Robert Lynd quotes [08/30/2011 02:08:26]
Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one's own - brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.More Robert Lynd quotes [08/30/2011 02:08:48]
Friendship will not stand the strain of very much good advice for very long.More Robert Lynd quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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