Vonifatiy Nikodimich

Vonifatiy Nikodimich

The difference between corruption and lobbying is as subtle and elusive as between a collector and a bandit from a big road.More Vonifatiy Nikodimich quotes [03/12/2018 09:03:12]
Really terrible punishment from the West would be to deprive us of their music and leave us alone with domestic pop music.More Vonifatiy Nikodimich quotes [03/19/2018 09:03:58]
A lover is, in a sense, outsourcing too.More Vonifatiy Nikodimich quotes [11/21/2018 09:11:33]
As soon as someone suggests to me to increase my money somewhere, my legs involuntarily carry me away.More Vonifatiy Nikodimich quotes [04/26/2018 09:04:23]
The more aircraft carriers, the more correctly democracy.More Vonifatiy Nikodimich quotes [02/05/2018 09:02:11]

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