Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch

American actress


After a number of screen performances, Hollywood actress Raquel Welch confirmed
her rising star status with a leading turn as Constance de Bonancieux in The
Three Musketeers (1973), in which she won a Golden Globe Award. Welch also made
a successful small screen debut by having the titular role of an Indian woman in
The Legend of Walks Far Woman (1982), and took home a Western Heritage Bronze
Wrangler Award. The actress also received rave reviews for her fine portrayal of
Emily Bauer in the TV drama Right to Die (1987). Showing her versatility, Welch
went to stage and took parts in several plays, such as “Woman of the Year”
(1981) and George Bernard Shaw’s “The Millionairess” (1995 and 1998). Thanks to
her fruitful journey in acting, she was handed the 2001 Imagen Foundation
Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I do think she was a spectacular talent. There’s no question she was a comedic
genius, but I did, in person, actually feel like she was some kind of a dock
worker in drag.” Raquel Welch about Mae West

Off camera, the woman with measurements 37D-26-36 (at age 43 in 1985, source:
Celebrity Sleuth magazine), Welch once had a well-publicized backstage feud with
the sex bombshell of the 1930s, Mae West, on the set of Myra Breckinridge
(1970). Ten years later, she again made headlines with a lawsuit against MGM
Studio over her dismissal from the film Cannery Row, which she finally won a $14
million judgment in her favor. The controversial actress, who some time ago
became the TV spokesperson for Equal sweetener, was named the 18th “Sexiest
Stars in Film History” in the 1995 issue of Empire magazine. The next year, she
received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As for her private life, Welch has been married four times. She was once the
wife of James Welch (1959-1964), Patrick Curtis (1964-1972), Andre Weinfeld
(1980-1990) and Richard Palmer (1999-now). She is also the mother of two, a son
and a daughter.


Childhood and Family:

Raquel Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada, on September 5, 1940, in Chicago,
Illinois, to a Bolivian father (Armand Tejada) and an American mother (Josephine
Esterly, died on October 17, 2000). When she was 3, the family moved to La
Jolla, California.

Displaying an enthusiasm for performing, young Raquel took ballet and acting
lessons, which led to a performance in 1947 at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre,
with a children’s theater group. After graduating from La Jolla High School in
1958, she continued her studies and took a Drama program at the San Diego State

Raquel has been married four times. In 1959, she married her high-school
sweetheart, James Welch, and gave birth to two children: a son named Damon Welch
(born in 1960) and a daughter, Tahnee Welch (born in 1961), who later also
became an actress. In the fifth year of their marriage, the couple separated.
Raquel’s second marriage was in 1964 with her manager Patrick Curtis (also
producer, born in 1938), but the marriage ended in divorce in 1972. In 1980, she
exchanged wedding vows with actor, director and cinematographer Andre Weinfeld
(born on April 6, 1947), but they eventually divorced ten years later. The
actress is currently the wife of Richard Palmer, whom she married on July 17,

Walks Far Woman


Teenager Raquel Welch competed in several beauty contests and won the titles
Miss Fairest of the Fair, Miss Maid of California, Miss La Jolla, and Miss
Contour. In the early 60s, Welch moved to Dallas, Texas, where she did modeling
for Neiman-Marcus and worked as a cocktail waitress. After briefly returning to
California, she migrated to Los Angeles and met producer Patrick Curtis, who
became her manager and helped her appear on the small screen as a billboard girl
in the family show “Hollywood Palace” (1964). Before long, she made a debut on
the big screen in the small roll of a call girl in the adaptation of Polly
Adler’s book, A House Is Not a Home (1964).

Welch acquired the larger role of Jeri in A Swingin’ Summer (1965). The new
actress caught public attention when she was cast in the leading role of Loana,
the bikini-clad cave woman, in One Million Years B.C. (1966). Next, she had a
supporting turn as Lilian Lust in Bedazzled (1967), starred opposite James
Stewart and Dean Martin in the Western movie Bandolero (1968, as Maria Stoner)
and played the Priestess of the Whip in the comedy The Magic Christian (1969).
Welch continued stepping up and hosted her own special TV show Raquel (1970), as
well as undertook title roles in Myra Breckinridge (1970) and Hannie Caulder

Following her leading turn as roller-skater K. C. Carr in Kansas City Bomber
(1972), the actress rose to a higher degree of eminence when director Richard
Lester chose her to play the female lead role of Constance de Bonancieux in The
Three Musketeers (1973). Thanks to her impressive performance, Welch took home a
Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy. Simultaneously filming the
sequel, the actress reprised her role in Lester’s The Four Musketeers (1974),
before appearing in The Wild Party (1975), Mother, Jugs, and Speed (1976, played
Jugs), Richard Fleischer’s Crossed Swords (1977) and the made-for-TV family
comedy The Muppets Go Hollywood (1979).

Welch went to Broadway and replaced Lauren Bacall’s role, Tess Harding, in
“Woman of the Year” (1981), in which she received positive reviews. The next
year, she appeared in her TV movie debut, The Legend of Walks Far Woman, playing
the titular character of an Indian woman. As a sign of appreciation for her work
in the Western movie, she was handed a Bronze Wrangler from the Western Heritage

Welch, who took a five-year break from acting, reappeared on screen with her
Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of psychologist Emily Bauer, who suffered from
Lou Gehrig’s disease, in the made-for-TV drama Right to Die (1987). She followed
it up with roles in Scandal in a Small Town (1988), and Trouble in Paradise
(1989). Welch played the voice of Shelly Millstone in the animated TV film
Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby (1993), before playing Diana Brock in the drama Central
Park West (1995), a role she reprised in the serial version of the film that
same year (1995-1996).

While working with the series, the actress toured England in George Bernard
Shaw’s “The Millionairess” (1995), which was ensued by her second Broadway
performance in “Victor/Victoria” (1997), where she replaced Julie Andrews. A
year later, she starred in the staging of “The Millionairess” (1998) in
Foxborough, Massachusetts. Also in 1998, Welch took a supporting turn as Grace
Kosik in the big screen comedy Chairman of the Board, amid her guest-star
appearances as Abby Lassiter in three episodes of the famous sitcom “Spin City”
(1997, 1998, and 2000).

The recipient of the 2001 Imagen Foundation Lifetime Achievement award, Welch
had the supporting role of Mrs. Windham Vandermark in the comedy Legally Blonde
(2001). She also costarred as Aunt Dora in “An American Family” (2002-2004),
opposite Edward James Olmos and Constance Marie. Recently, the actress was seen
as ex-Las Vegas showgirl Christine DeLee, alongside Burt Reynolds and Robert
Loggia, in the madcap comedy Forget About It (2006).


Imagen Foundation: Lifetime Achievement Award, 2001
Western Heritage: Bronze Wrangler - Fictional Television Drama, The
Legend of Walks Far Woman, 1983
Golden Globe: Best Motion Picture Actress - Musical/Comedy, The Three
Musketeers, 1975

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