Dmitry Puchkov

Dmitry Puchkov

Of two evils, always choose one that you have not tried before.More Dmitry Puchkov quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:06]
Citizens! Eat shit - millions of flies can not be wrong.More Dmitry Puchkov quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:17]
Cow afraid of the front, the horse - from behind, and the fool - from all sides!More Dmitry Puchkov quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:31]
Who understands the life - he does not in a hurry!More Dmitry Puchkov quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:21]
Life is like a child's shirt. Short, bastard. And all in the shit!More Dmitry Puchkov quotes [05/07/2018 09:05:53]

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