Valeriy Brumel

Valeriy Brumel

Soviet athlete (high jump)
Human life is the most necessary and useful in the world.More Valeriy Brumel quotes [06/17/2020 06:06:54]
The engine of life is the unknown. And this is the salvation of man.More Valeriy Brumel quotes [06/17/2020 06:06:13]
Luck is the sister of progress.More Valeriy Brumel quotes [06/17/2020 06:06:30]
I came to sports from the desire to be strong. I have achieved this. Then I wanted to be the first. I got it too.More Valeriy Brumel quotes [06/17/2020 06:06:15]
Leave the sport not defeated - in my opinion, just beautiful words. To leave at the zenith of glory is unnatural. It's like burying yourself alive.More Valeriy Brumel quotes [06/17/2020 06:06:06]

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