Nadezhda Lamanova

Nadezhda Lamanova

Fashion once famous in Russia and Europe
The revolution changed my financial situation, but it did not change my life ideas, but made it possible to carry them out to an incomparably wider scale.More Nadezhda Lamanova quotes [07/09/2020 05:07:48]
I believe that talent never disappears and the soul, having gained something in another life, sets off on its new adventure, its new life.More Nadezhda Lamanova quotes [07/09/2020 05:07:24]
... Create such forms of costume that combine the artistic sense of form characteristic of our era with the purely practical features of our days ...More Nadezhda Lamanova quotes [07/09/2020 05:07:58]
My job is to create models of modern women's clothing, and I always tried to carry out simplicity and logic in my models, proceeding in these searches mainly from material ...More Nadezhda Lamanova quotes [07/09/2020 05:07:43]

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