Veronika Solntseva

Veronika Solntseva

Ruins not the laziness but the stupid activity.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/21/2016 01:08:55]
One of the basic rules of the female: if something can not be done, then we must do it insensibly.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/25/2016 02:08:42]
I do not know about you, but I'm just one of those heifers that gets for punishment.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [12/10/2016 04:12:13]
It really helps to wake up in the morning to the evening watermelon.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [09/10/2016 01:09:26]
If from potatoes cut off all unnecessary, it will be cube.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/19/2016 09:08:57]

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