Veronika Solntseva

Veronika Solntseva

My character, even the dead of itself bring.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [12/04/2016 11:12:53]
The greatest hate arises for those who managed to touch the heart, and then spit into the soul.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/27/2016 09:08:20]
One drop of falsehood spoils ocean confidence.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/22/2016 08:08:06]
A high level of intelligence has blocked you access to happiness.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/15/2016 09:08:03]
From a good life nobody become yogis.More Veronika Solntseva quotes [08/22/2016 08:08:50]

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