Eugene Ryabyi

Eugene Ryabyi

Love is the game of chance, the winning follows the bankruptcy.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [01/07/2017 05:01:33]
One does not criticize only talentless the talented people are always criticized.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [01/22/2018 06:01:14]
The worker works for pennies, but the corrupt official - for the tasty budgetary jackpot.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [07/03/2018 04:07:56]
The thorns of roses thrive not only on the offense, but also on the good care.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [12/15/2016 10:12:26]
The disrespect for others is firstly disrespect for yourself.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [03/18/2017 07:03:12]

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