Eugene Ryabyi

Eugene Ryabyi

The egoist is a person who loves to hate people.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [11/01/2018 11:11:06]
Love is the orgasm of proximity and body touch, the mythical mirage of beloved eyes and lips.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [10/24/2019 01:10:02]
One does not criticize only talentless people; the talented people are always criticized.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [12/22/2016 08:12:49]
When the pockets are full of coppers coins, one is easy to remain without pants under their heavy weight.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [06/02/2018 07:06:39]
The human essence is always offended by the slightest insult, but it never notices even mortal sins caused to others.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [12/29/2016 10:12:45]

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