Eugene Ryabyi

Eugene Ryabyi

Every century has his virtues, but the vices are old.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [02/22/2017 05:02:54]
In order to make our dreams come true, one must know how to meet them adequately. aphMore Eugene Ryabyi quotes [12/03/2016 12:12:10]
The refrigerator is a coffin for any diet.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [05/27/2018 09:05:45]
The man, who is often offended, perceives the good deed as resentment.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [12/06/2016 02:12:53]
When life becomes more expensive, people's sympathy for politicians depreciates.More Eugene Ryabyi quotes [01/04/2019 07:01:55]

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