Abu Shlomo

Abu Shlomo

Repeat other people's mistakes - stupidity, do your own - the creative processMore Abu Shlomo quotes [05/29/2017 07:05:00]
People looking for an answer to the question "Why to live?", And government explained for what you have to die.More Abu Shlomo quotes [07/19/2016 08:07:47]
In life, you are like in a positional number system - no matter what you are zero, the main thing is on what position you stand.More Abu Shlomo quotes [07/05/2016 09:07:02]
Nymphomaniac is a mythical creature.More Abu Shlomo quotes [03/16/2018 09:03:15]
Old age is when the most important events in your life do not happen with you.More Abu Shlomo quotes [07/15/2016 09:07:39]

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