John Wesley Emerson

John Wesley Emerson

was an American lawyer, American Civil War commander, Missouri Circuit Court judge, and the founder and principal investor of the Emerson Electric Company.
A close figure skating competition will be decided by a computer choosing an anonymous panel of nine judges. In fairness to the skaters, all twelve scores should be used in awarding medals. Let's leave the computer out of it.More John Wesley Emerson quotes [01/27/2012 02:01:58]
With injuries and things, I had to step up and help bring the ball up the floor more than normal. It's not preferred, but whatever helps the team, I'm definitely willing to do.More John Wesley Emerson quotes [01/27/2012 02:01:50]
This type of legislation has been very effective in other states and we hope it'll do the same here in North Carolina.More John Wesley Emerson quotes [01/27/2012 02:01:33]
Only 50 of the 220 possible panels would have resulted in the same ranking of the skaters following the short program.More John Wesley Emerson quotes [01/27/2012 02:01:08]
It's definitely mentally challenging to run in the rain. I went out really hard and certainly paid in the last mile for that. The sixth mile is why people say this is such a tough course. I'll take this (victory) rain or shine.More John Wesley Emerson quotes [01/27/2012 02:01:44]

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