Jose Silva

Jose Silva

was an American self-taught parapsychologist and author of the "Silva Method" and the "Silva UltraMind ESP System", intended to help people increase their IQ, develop psychic skills
To qualify as humans we must take part in humanitarian acts.More Jose Silva quotes [01/10/2012 02:01:23]
At beta we prey on each other; at alpha we pray for one another.More Jose Silva quotes [01/10/2012 02:01:44]
We do not want to gain at someone else's loss; we want to gain while helping the other person to also gain.More Jose Silva quotes [01/10/2012 02:01:01]
The condensed version of the Bible: Do to others only what you want others to do to you.More Jose Silva quotes [01/10/2012 02:01:55]
We don't batter down doors. If you keep encountering obstacles, then back up and look around, you might see another door that will open easily for you.More Jose Silva quotes [01/10/2012 02:01:05]

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