Alonso Ardzhuna

Alonso Ardzhuna

The number Pu = 1,400,000 rublesMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [06/29/2017 07:06:07]
Who sees the whole diversity of life,
It's round dance of nuances and aspects,
Can only be contented by good luck,
While does not find a nuance in an aspectMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [06/16/2017 07:06:37]
The view's sharpness is an effect of the worldview's blurring. Either yours, or others.More Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [08/05/2019 07:08:54]
Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup: Russia-BelgiumMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [07/02/2018 01:07:55]
Love is a dumping hoping for barterMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [07/31/2019 11:07:03]

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