Alonso Ardzhuna

Alonso Ardzhuna

Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup: Russia-BelgiumMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [07/02/2018 01:07:55]
Nerd explains, wise predictsMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [03/26/2020 03:03:06]
Small analytics is more useful than huge eruditionMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [01/27/2020 09:01:26]
Love is not to give a new shirt, but to darn the old.More Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [06/09/2020 08:06:10]
The less art is artificially - the more artfullyMore Alonso Ardzhuna quotes [01/21/2020 10:01:33]

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