Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes

Canadian actress and singer.
Cheesy is good! Like, Iím a hopeless romantic, so I love it. So guys, I donít know, if you donít have the money, cook her dinner. Um, go pick some flowers. I like a guy with a plan. Thatís always, like, a girl turn-on, so have a plan and maybe some chocolates and youíre set. Itís all good.More Jessica Lowndes quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:23]
Sheís heavily into drugs right now, and because of that, she needs her hair perfect. Like, 1940ís housewife. So thatís how I explain the hair and the grey and the red and all the stuff on my face right now.More Jessica Lowndes quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:22]
Incredible. I pinched myself in every scene.More Jessica Lowndes quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:05]
We usually get the script the day before. Itís fast paced like that. I had to work my butt off. I got one script and Iím like, ďOh, gosh, okay, I die in this episode, hopefully I come back.Ē And then I got the series regular contract the day after.More Jessica Lowndes quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:42]
I sang one of my own songs, called ďFly Away.Ē I had to sing it while my character was high (laughs) so it wasnít a good representation, but it was still very exciting.More Jessica Lowndes quotes [11/08/2011 03:11:37]

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