Stanley Fischer

Stanley Fischer

is an economist and the current Governor of the Bank of Israel. He has previously served as Chief Economist at the World Bank.
It is of no help to us that there is an absolute truth of the matter of things because unfortunately, none of us are in a position to say definitively what that is - although we all think that we are.More Stanley Fischer quotes [09/02/2011 02:09:14]
We in universities are not in the democracy business. What we do, when we're doing it, is teach and learn.More Stanley Fischer quotes [09/02/2011 02:09:26]
I should have known better. Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact.More Stanley Fischer quotes [09/02/2011 02:09:50]
Year after year, we have had to explain from mid-year onwards why the global growth rate has been lower than predicted as little as two quarters back. This pattern of disappointment and downward revision sets up the first, and the basic, challenge on the list of issues policymakers face in moving ahead: restoring growth, if that is possible.More Stanley Fischer quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
It is always incorrect to assume you can know what someone's moral convictions are based on their philosophical theories.More Stanley Fischer quotes [09/02/2011 02:09:07]

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