Peter Benjamin Mandelson

Peter Benjamin Mandelson

Politics and trade go hand in hand.More Peter Benjamin Mandelson quotes [10/21/2019 02:10:02]
The last thing we need is to turn in on ourselves rather than face us up to what we have to do in the world.More Peter Benjamin Mandelson quotes [07/21/2011 02:07:56]
For too long, decisions have been taken behind closed doors - tablets of stone have simply been past down to people without bothering to involve people, listen to their views or give them information about what we are doing and why.More Peter Benjamin Mandelson quotes [07/21/2011 02:07:49]
It's a very good idea that we have a third term Labour government led by Tony Blair for a full term.More Peter Benjamin Mandelson quotes [07/21/2011 02:07:29]
Europe has to address people's needs directly and reflect their priorities, not our own preoccupations.More Peter Benjamin Mandelson quotes [07/21/2011 02:07:33]

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