Meg White

Meg White

is an American drummer best known for her work in the Detroit rock duo The White Stripes
Megan Martha "Meg" White (born December 10, 1974) is the drummer for Detroit band The White Stripes, a duo consisting of Meg and Jack White (although they claimed to be brother and sister, they are actually ex-husband-and-wife). Meg's sturdy drumming contrasts and complements Jack's dynamic guitar playing. While Jack is the nominated lead vocalist of the pair, Meg capably took vocal duties on "In the Cold, Cold Night", from the band's fourth album, Elephant. In addition, Meg has another lead vocal performance on the ninth track from the band's fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan, entitled "Passive Manipulation".Loretta Lynn, who befriended the pair whilst collaborating with Jack in 2004, has said that Jack and Meg may have been married not once but twice.She appeared, with Jack, in one of the more memorable segments of Jim Jarmusch's 2003 film, Coffee and Cigarettes.Source:
I got more used to my own voice, but still it's hard for me to listen to my own voice, or hear the recordings.More Meg White quotes [07/19/2011 12:07:22]
We'll probably be working on another album in the next few months here.More Meg White quotes [07/19/2011 12:07:40]
Maybe I'm a little more confident than I used to be, but not much.More Meg White quotes [07/19/2011 12:07:25]
It's cool to meet your idols. It's a good opportunity to travel. Those kinds of things are good.More Meg White quotes [07/19/2011 12:07:30]
I remember rehearsing it, and it was the one that we were really excited about and thought would sound the best, and once it was down on tape, it was like, This doesn't actually sound that good.More Meg White quotes [07/19/2011 12:07:47]

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