Denis Leary

Denis Leary

His smoking and ranting in the cantankerous, quick-witted MTV promos of the early 1990s


Irish-American actor, writer, director, comedian, producer, first became popular
for his rapid-fire, acid-tongued promos for MTV, Denis Leary gathered wide
appreciation for his breakthrough one-man show, "No Cure for Cancer," which
spawned a book, CD and cassette, and a videotape. He is also known for creating
a projected sequel to No Cure for Cancer, "Denis Leary: Lock 'N Load (1997)." In
1996, he won a Cable ACE Award for his bright effort as the director of
television film National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins (1995). A blond
performer of stage and film, Leary also made a name for himself in movie with
the scene stealing of Det. Michael McCann in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999,
starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo), in which he took home a Blockbuster
Entertainment Award.

One of the most well-liked performers in America Leary has starred in, written
and helmed numerous feature and television films, including "Rescue Me" (2004,
earned a Golden Globe nomination), "The Job" (2001), Monument Ave (1998), Two If
by Sea (1996). An endowed film actor, Leary also has done several impressive
works since his debut in Strictly Business (1991) like Ted Demme's The Ref
(1994), the independent Jesus' Son (1999, starring Billy Crudup) and The Secret
Lives of Dentists (2002). Moreover, Leary provided his voice for such animated
films as A Bug's Life (1998) and Ice Age (2002). He will soon back to voice
Diego for the second installment Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006).

Off screen, 6'3" inch tall Leary is the founder of a charity organization named
the Leary Firefighters Foundation. With the foundation, he has allocated over
$2.5 million (USD) to fire departments in the Worcester, Boston, and New York
City areas for equipment, training materials, and new vehicles and facilities. A
separate fund run by Leary's foundation, the Fund for New York's Bravest, has
donated over $2 million (USD) to the families of the 343 firemen killed in the
September 11, 2001 attacks and provided funding for necessities such as a new
mobile command center, first responder training, and a high-rise simulator for
the FDNY's training campus. The foundation is created in respond to the six
firefighters from Leary's hometown of Worcester who killed in a huge warehouse
fire in 1999. Among the dead were Leary's cousin, Jerry Lucey, and his close
childhood friend, Lt. Tommy Spencer. As for his private life, the comedian has
been married to screenwriter Ann Lembeck since 1982, with whom he has two
children, Jack Leary (born in 1990 and Devin Leary (born in 1992).

Cindy Crawford's Lover

Childhood and Family:

"I've been a Catholic or a lapsed Catholic all my life, and I was an alter boy
for 12 years, and I've never seen the Virgin Mary anywhere. I've put in a lot of
time, and speaking for myself and alter boys everywhere, I say I hope she would
appear to us first, however briefly, before she'd appear on a blueberry muffin
on the back of a highway sign in Texas." Denis Leary

Son to Irish immigrant parents, Denis Leary was born on August 18, 1957, in
Worcester, Massachusetts. His father is John Leary, a gas mechanic (died in
1985), and his mother is Nora Leary, a homemaker. Raised in a Catholic family,
Denis was educated at a private Catholic high school, Saint Peter Marion High
School. Loved sports, young Denis was inspired to be an NHL star, but he
subsequently changed his dreams as he got kicked off his high school team
because of poor grades. After high school, he enrolled as an acting student at
Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. The charter member of Emerson's Comedy
Workshop Denis spent five years teaching comedy writing classes in Emerson
College after graduation in 1979. He also wrote several pieces in magazines and
had worked at stand-up comedy for a time. By year 1991, big fan of Cindy
Crawford Denis had started to pursue a career in film.

A cousin of actor Conan O'Brien, Denis was happily married to Ann Lembeck, a
screenwriter whom he had lived with since 1982. Denis and Ann shares two
children, son Jack Leary (born in 1990) and daughter Devin Leary (born in 1992).

Rescue Me


Worcester, Massachusetts native Denis Leary began his career as a player for The
New Voices, The Boston Shakespeare Company and Charlestown Working Theatre
companies. While in college, he co-founded Emerson's Comedy Workshop, and took a
job as a lecturer in the college for five years following graduation. After
achieving some success as a stand-up comedian and writer, in 1990, Leary, with
his pregnant wife Ann, flew to London to host a BBC's comedy showcase, "London
Underground." In London, he began to write a one-man comedy monologue," No Cure
For Cancer." Bringing in several friends from America, Leary premiered the show
at the Edinburgh International Arts Festival and it surprisingly won widespread
critical acclaim throughout Britain despite its controversial title. Leary also
enjoyed favorable reviews when the show was brought to America in the following
year, where it ran Off-Broadway for several months. In 1992, No Cure for Cancer
was filmed for Showtime, where Leary serving as executive producer. It was
followed by a book and an album with the same title. Leary's visibility further
boosted when he filmed a series of snarky promotional clips for MTV.

The massive success of No Cure for Cancer also opened door for Leary to enter
the cinematic industry. After making his film debut in Strictly Business (1991),
Leary had opportunity to work with such big names as Samuel L. Jackson in
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1(1993) and Sylvester Stallone in Demolition
Man (1993). He also took parts in films like The Sandlot (1993), Who's the Man?
(1993), Judgment Night (1993, with Emilio Estevez) and Gunmen (1994, opposite
Christopher Lambert). However, Leary's 'big break' arrived when he was cast in
the starring role of Gus, the blasphemous burglar in the Ted Demme-directed The
Ref (1994). Moviegoers adored his four-letter scorn of Kevin Spacey and Judy
Davis enough to make the film a hit and it helped to elevate Leary's acting
profile quite a bit.

The following year saw Leary score a critical success when he directed the
made-for-TV film National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins (1995), a segment of
Lust which was written by his wife. Due to his brilliant
behind-the-screen-effort, Leary took home a 1996 Cable ACE for Best Directing.
After taking small roles in Operation Dumbo Drop (1995, starring Danny Glover)
and The Neon Bible (1995), Leary took a duty as a screenwriter for the first
time with the romantic comedy Two If by Sea (1996), wherein he also starred
opposite Sandra Bullock. Unfortunately, the film was a commercial and critical

In 1997, Leary proved he was back on track again as he returned to the land of
the one-man rant live show "Denis Leary: Lock 'n' Load," helmed by Demme for
HBO's "Comedy Hour." It was soon followed by the release of the LP Lock 'N Load,
which featured a guest appearance from the great Janeane Garofalo. The same
year, Leary further improved his status by making five movies, including Love
Walked In (1997), Suicide Kings (1997), The Real Blonde (1997), The MatchMaker
(1997) and Wag the Dog (1997), as well as participating in two television films,
The Second Civil War (1997) and SUBWAY Stories: Tales from the Underground

In 1998, Leary rejoined director Demme and screenwriting colleague Armstrong for
film Monument Ave, a project he co-produced about the Charlestown, MA "code of
silence," which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival under the title Snitch. He
next played yuppie father Mr. Beal, opposite Dana Delany, in the family comedy
Wide Awake (1998), and as cruel toy tycoon Gil Mars in Joe Dante's Small
Soldiers (1998), as well as provided his voice for Francis in the animated A
Bug's Life (1998).
The actor went on to pick up major supporting roles in films in the following
year, including the independent Jesus' Son (1999, starring Billy Crudup). Leary
even received a better recognition when he was hired to support Pierce Brosnan
and Rene Russo in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), where he nabbed
a Blockbuster Entertainment for Favorite Supporting Actor for his role as Det.
Michael McCann.

Following supporting turns in a series of less-then-remarkable films, including
Do Not Disturb (1999, opposite William Hurt), Company Man (2000), Sand (2000)
and the Sundance-screened Double Whammy (2001), Leary made his way back to the
small screen with three duties on his pocket, as a co-creator, executive
producer and star, for the ABC comedy/drama serial "The Job" (2001), where Leary
was cast as hard-living, Irish-American cop Mike McNeil. Misapplied by the
network, the show was eventually cancelled in 2002 though it received positive
respond from critics.

Leary then played mental patient Bill in the digitally-shot Final (2001 for
director Campbell Scott, and produced the movie Blow (2001), which starred
superstar Johnny Depp and helmed by Ted Demme. Back in front of the camera, he
portrayed Doug 'Dawg' Munford, opposite Elizabeth Hurley, in the crime drama Bad
Boy (2002) and was cast as Slater, a patient of dentist Campbell Scott in the
well-received indie The Secret Lives of Dentists (2002). He also voiced Diego in
the animation film Ice Age (2002), a stint he will reprise for the upcoming Ice
Age 2: The Meltdown (2006).

The talented actor once again attracted attention from public when he starred as
Tommy Gavin, the sardonic, world-weary, soon-to-be-divorced firefighter, in the
FX drama "Rescue Me" (2004 -), where he also created, wrote and executive
produced. The series was opened to nearly unanimous critical praise, but, filled
with moments of both intense drama and witty comedy, it quickly found the
devoted wide audience. As for Leary, his fine performance brought a nomination
at Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2004.


Blockbuster Entertainment: Favorite Supporting Actor - Drama/Romance,
The Thomas Crown Affair, 2000
CableACE: Best Directing, Comedy Special, National Lampoon's Favorite
Deadly Sins: Lust, 1996
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