Charles Hunnam

Charles Hunnam

His role as Nathan Maloney in 'Queer as Folk' (1999)


“'When some films do not pay as well and you have a mortgage to pay and you are
on an economy drive eating eggs and beans, and you are offered a million dollar
role and you turn it down, as it is not right. I want to be doing this when I am
60 and getting the big paying roles then so I have to pick the parts that are
right for the long term rather than take the money now. Charlie Hunnam

A handsome, young, blond English actor, Charlie Hunnam became famous for
portraying 15-year-old gay Nathan Maloney in the controversial TV series “Queer
as Folk” (1999) and its sequel Queer as Folk 2 (2000). He played the recurring
role of Gregor Ryder in The WB’s “Young Americans” (2000) and the regular role
of Lloyd Haythe in the Fox sitcom “Undeclared” (2001-2002).

On the silver screen, Hunnam first attracted international attention with his
role in the Stephen Gaghan-directed thriller Abandon (2002). He won a National
Board of Review Award in Nicholas Nickleby (2002) and was praised after playing
the head of the GSE football firm in Green Street Hooligan (2005). He will be
cast in director John Boorman’s upcoming project, Memoirs of Hadrian, which for
2007 release.

Outside the limelight, 6’ 1½” Hunnam, who was named one of Elle Girl’s “50
Sexiest Guys” in 2005, is addicted to chocolate milk. He says, “I consume at
least three bottles a day.” He has two cats, Mavis and George, and idolizes
actors Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn. On a more private note, Hunnam is the
former husband of American actress Katharine Towne (together from 1999 to 2002).

Hip Hop Buff

Childhood and Family:

In Newcastle, England, Charles Matthew Hunnam was born on April 10, 1980. The
second oldest of four boys is known by his family and close friends as Charlie.
He started acting professionally at age 16 with a guest role in a 1989 popular
British TV series.

Charlie married Hollywood actress Katharine Towne (born July 17, 1978) from 1999
until 2002. The two met in 1999 while attending a “Dawson’s Creek” (1998)
audition and got married after knowing one another only three weeks. Charlie is
a great fan of hip hop music. His favorite hip hop artist is RZA from Wu-Tang
Clan. In his leisure time, he enjoys panting, making music, and photography.

Green Street Hooligan


A Newcastle native, Charlie Hunnam was spotted while goofing off in a show shop
in his local and was soon cast in the 1989 British popular television show
“Byker Grove,” playing a catalogue model. Two years later, he acted in the BBC
teen series “Microsoap” (1998). But, the young actor did not get his
breakthrough role until 1999 with the costarring role of gay teen Nathan Maloney
in the controversial British series “Queer as Folk” on Channel 4. Subsequently,
he made the leap to big screen with the supporting part of a rock singer in the
Tom Courtenay comedy vehicle Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (1999), which
was released theatrically in America in 2001, and played Wes in the British
sitcom “My Wonderful Life” (1999).

In 2000, Hunnam made his return to his gay role of Nathan for the two-hour
sequel Queer as Folk 2. As the love-smitten Nathan, the actor portrayed such
essential part in the landmark series that he became somewhat of a role model
for gay youth. The influence of the series was so ample that Hunnam was asked to
contribute in a parliamentary dialogue about the bigoted British age of consent
laws. The same year, the British performer brook into American TV with a
recurring role in the short-lived The WB series “Young Americans,” playing
Gregor Ryder. It was followed by a costarring role opposite Jarrett Grode, Carla
Gallo and Jay Baruchel in the college-set fall Fox sitcom “Undeclared”
(2001-2002), which was o-created and executive produced by Judd Apatow. In the
brief show, Hunnam played Lloyd Haythe, a theater major with an eye for the

Hunnam made his second wide screen outing as well his first American debut in
2002 when he landed the supporting role of Embry Larkin, opposite Katie Holmes
and Benjamin Bratt, in the suspense thriller Abandon, written and directed by
Stephen Gaghan. The performance introduced Hunnam to a wider audience. Later
that same year, he earned additional attention with the leading role in director
Douglas McGrath’s remake of Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby. Along with other
costars that include Anne Hathaway, Jamie Bell, Tom Courtenay, Alan Cumming and
Nathan Lane, he took home a National Board of Review for Best Acting by an

The following year Hunnam found himself acting with such luminaries as Nicole
Kidman, Jude Law, Renée Zellweger, Donald Sutherland, Natalie Portman, Giovanni
Ribisi and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Anthony Minghella-helmed Cold Mountain,
where he was cast as a member of the Home Guard, a group of Civil War intruders
who find and kill fugitives for money. He then teamed up with Elijah Wood in
Green Street Hooligan (2005), an excellent film about the gangland of British
football hooliganism. As Pete Dunham, the leader of the GSE football firm,
Hunnam’s performance received praise.

Recently playing supporting role Patric in the movie version of The Children of
Men (2006), directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Hunnam is set to star with Antonio
Banderas and French actress Juliette Binoche in history film Memoirs of Hadrian
(2007). The upcoming film will be directed by John Boorman.


National Board of Review: Best Acting by an Ensemble, Nicholas Nickleby,
I love hip hop music, I make hip hop music.More Charles Hunnam quotes [09/01/2011 08:09:07]
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I find aspects of the industry tedious and hard to manage.More Charles Hunnam quotes [09/01/2011 08:09:56]
I bought a house, and I've been decorating it.More Charles Hunnam quotes [09/01/2011 08:09:50]

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