Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs

His role as Colonel William Tavington in 'The Patriot' (2000)
JASON ISAACS (Chaz) wowed critics and filmgoers alike when he starred as the villainous Colonel Tavington opposite Mel Gibson in Roland Emmerich's Revolutionary War drama Patriot, The (1999) The performance garnered Isaacs a nomination for a London Film Critics' Circle Award.Next up for Isaacs are roles in Stephen Norrington's (Blade (1998)] latest film The Last Minute and a guest appearance in John Woo's Windtalkers (2001) opposite Nicolas Cage. Prior to completing last year's run on the London stage in "Force of Change" at the Royal Court Theatre, Isaacs played a man of the cloth in Neil Jordan's acclaimed period drama End Of The Affair, The (1999) He also played "the smartest man on the planet" in the blockbuster asteroid action film Armageddon (1998) After graduating from the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Isaacs starred for two seasons in "Capitol City," a British television series based on the world of high finance. He then starred as identical twins - one good, one evil - in the miniseries "Taggert," in the controversial BBC miniseries "Civvies" from "Prime Suspect" producer Lynda LaPlante and in many successful British TV movies. He played his second priest - this time from Long Island - in the CBS miniseries "The Last Don II." Born in Liverpool, England, Isaacs attended Bristol University, where he studied law and directed and/or starred in over twenty theater productions. He created the role of Louis in the critically acclaimed Royal National Theatre production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angels in America - Parts 1 & 2."Isaacs' additional credits include three films with director Paul Anderson: the sci-fi thriller Event Horizon (1997) with Lawrence Fishburne, Soldier (1998) with Kurt Russell and the cult British film Shopping (1994) He co-starred with Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis in Dragonheart (1996) and again with Thewlis in the Northern Irish black comedy Divorcing Jack (1998) He made his feature film debut in Tall Guy,The starring Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson.Source: cinema.com 
Look, I play all these tough guys and thugs and strong, complex characters. In real life, I am a cringing, neurotic Jewish mess. Can't I for once play that on stage?More Jason Isaacs quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
In fact my favourite thing is the wig because I'm a very lazy actor so every time I put it on, in order to keep it straight, they kept on telling me to tip my head back because otherwise I was eating it all the time.More Jason Isaacs quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I damaged my Achilles tendon, so I can't run.More Jason Isaacs quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
If it was a Bond movie, I'd be the guy that Bond deals with before the title's done.More Jason Isaacs quotes [12/27/2006 12:12:00]
It's just really, really beautiful. Each scene is one long 15 minute take without cutting. My scene is with Robin Wright-Penn so I'm pretty excited about that.More Jason Isaacs quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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