Kyan Douglas

Kyan Douglas

Kyan Douglas (birth name Hugh Edward Douglas) was born on May 5, 1970 in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Tampa and Tallahassee. He has an older sister, Kelli (who first taught him about styling hair) and was and still is very close to his family. After high school Kyan moved first to Dallas, where he studied philosophy at Brookhaven Community College and first became interested in religion and the healing arts. He then moved to Austin, where he had initially planned to pursue his interest in acting by studying drama at the University of Texas at Austin, precluded by his extreme shyness. In his mid-twenties he moved to New Orleans, where he gained a degree in TV production and theater studies at Loyola University. In 1996 three of Kyan's close friends were murdered in a restaurant robbery where both they and Kyan worked. The tragedy led Kyan to leave New Orleans, wanting a new life.Kyan moved to New York in 1999 and started work for Aveda, before gaining his certification in Cosmetology at the Aveda Institute. In 2002, while he was working as a hair colorist at Arrojo Studios, a client told him about a makeover show that was being cast. Kyan sent a photo of himself and a short bio he'd written to the producers. They called him for an audition and quickly hired him as the show's 'Grooming Guru.'As part of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's 'Fab Five' Kyan has published a book, appeared on a soundtrack CD and accompanying DVD, appeared on many magazine covers and TV shows, and even won an Emmy award. In 2004 he published his own book, titled Beautified, and became a spokesman and product advisor for L'Oreal.Kyan lives in Brooklyn, New York with his partner, gay rights activist Gregory Durham.Source:
There really is something raw about sexuality that's real and good and we must continue to learn to not be ashamed of it. But - we have to honor the reality of practicing safer sex.More Kyan Douglas quotes [09/22/2011 11:09:56]
Our sexual lives are maintained by the shadow side and the light side, so the more we can understand and embrace enlightenment, the less need there is for chemical enhancement.More Kyan Douglas quotes [09/22/2011 11:09:30]
Everyone's hip to the fact that we all do things to accentuate our looks - and it's much more accepted.More Kyan Douglas quotes [09/22/2011 11:09:37]
Queer Eye is a makeover show, meant to help our straight brethren.More Kyan Douglas quotes [09/22/2011 11:09:36]
Ever since I was young, I was always interested in exploring spirituality. I know that there are many paths to God, there is not just one path.More Kyan Douglas quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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