Sally Kirkland

Sally Kirkland

Oscar nominee for 'Anna' (1987)
SALLY KIRKLAND -- stage, screen, and television star is probably best known for her performance in "Anna," -- for which she garnered the 1987 Motion Picture Academy's Best Actress Nomination. For the same performance, she won the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Award for Best Dramatic Actress. L.A. Times' critics Kevin Thomas and Sheila Benson named Sally's performance in "Anna" as one of the Five Best Acting Performances by a Woman in the '80's. Sally also won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress.Sally has just completed principal photography on a feature film "Adam & Steve" starring Parker Posey and Chris Coton, is currently shooting "Spiritual Warrior" with Jsu Garcia (ak Nick Corri), and is also completing post-production on "A-List", which Sally produces and stars in.Sally is excited with playing the waitress, Anita Mann, in Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty", directed by Tom Shadyac ("Liar Liar", "Ace Ventura", "Nutty Professor", "Patch Adams") and with the recent DVD release of both "Bruce Almighty" and "Anna" (Lions Gate / Artisan) with her Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning performance in the title role.Playing for the last 2 years on Lifetime, Sally stars in "Wish You Were Dead" and "Another Woman's Husband" (with Gail O'Grady and Lisa Rinna).They also consistently air "Cheatin' Hearts", which Sally executive-produced & starred in, along with James Brolin and Kris Kristofferson.In 1999, Sally has a recurring role as Professor Sherman on "Felicity" and as Tracy in "Days of Our Lives".Ron Howard's film project "ED TV" had Sally playing the Texan mother of Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson, with Oscar winner Martin Landau as her husband. The comedy Martin Landau as her husband, Dennis Hopper as her ex-husband, along with Jenna Elfman, Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Reiner, Elizabeth Hurley, and Clint Howard (Ron's Brother). The film is available on video and DVD.One of her favorite performances in recent years played on DirecTV cable, Sally plays screen goddess Marilyn Monroe in her 50's, in the independent feature "The Island" (originally titled "Norma Jean, Jack, & Me,") with Michael Murphy as JFK. Former head of production for HBO, Maurice Singer, executive-produced the film, and Cyrus Nowrasteh ("The Day Reagan Was Shot") was the writer/director.Sally co-starred with Peter Gallagher and Leonard Nimoy in NBC's world premiere movie (April 1998), "Brave New World," based on futurist Aldous Huxley's classic book of the same title. Sally plays Susan.Out on cable, video, & DVD, Sally co-stars with Alicia Silverstone, Chistopher Walken, and Benicio Del Toro in the theatrical release of "Excess Baggage" for Columbia/Tri Star. Sally also associate produced and starred with Ally Sheedy & John Savage in "Amnesia" associate produced by Sally aired on Showtime and TMC.Sally starred opposite Danny Aiello in the independent feature "Wilbur Falls,", out on video & DVD.Sally has two videos out for children, one called little "Little Ghost", filmed in Romania for Paramount Home Video, and a second called "Find a Clue" (originally "The Westing Game"). This was filmed for Showtime is based on the Newberry Prize-Winning Novel. Sally costars with Ray Walston and Diane Ladd.Sally starred with Keith Carradine, Tom Waits and Bill Pullman in "Cold Feet", with Eric Roberts & James Earl Jones in the "Best of the Best", and opposite Kevin Costner, Madeline Stowe & Anthony Quinn in "Revenge".Sally also starred in "High Stakes" with Kathy Bates, and in "Paint It Black," with Martin Landau. Other starring credits include "Hit the Dutchman," "Double Threat" (with Andrew Stevens), "In the Heat of Passion" with Nick Corri (aka Jsu Garcia), and "Two Evil Eyes" with Harvey Keitel. She co-starred as Rose Cheramie in Oliver Stone's acclaimed "JFK", and is praised highly in Stone's biography. (There is also a chapter on her and Shelley Winters in Robert De Niro's Biography.)Sally associate produced and starred with Diane Ladd & Sean Young in "Forever", and again associate produced and starred in "Flexing with Monty".Sally co-starred in "The Sting" with Robert Redford & Paul Newman, who had Sally in May 2001 for the 25th Anniversary at the Newport Film Fest with the cast and writer, David Ward. Sally also co-starred in "The Way We Were" and "A Star is Born" with Barbara Streisand (She also played the nurse to Streisand's Juliet at The Actors Studio.) She's has co-starred with Gene Hackman, James Coburn, and Candice Bergen in "Bite the Bullet", and was featured with James Caan and Marsha Mason in "Cinderella Liberty"."Magic Motel" is the episode title Sally headlined for the Showtime series "Women: Stories of Passion". "Women" is the first series in the history of television to be written, produced, and directed exclusively by women. Sally made her television directing debut with an episode of the series called "Lover From Another Planet".Other guest-starring television credits for Sally have included Showtime's supernatural series, "The Hunger", based on the film that starred Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie. Sally also guest starred on "Good Behavior" for PUN, and "The Nanny" on CBS.Of Sally's 45 starring roles on television, included are her recurring role as Tracey on "Days Of Our Lives" (Jan-Jun '99), a recurring role on ABC's "Roseanne" (as Barbara Healy, Johnny Galecki's mother), and as Roseanne's best friend, Sandy, in the CBS movie "The Women Who Loved Elvis". Other Tele-film starring roles include "Double Jeopardy" with Rachel Ward, Sela Ward, & Bruce Boxleitner for CBS / Showtime, and the Peter Bogdanovich - directed "Song of Songs" (Cable Ace Award Nomination) with George Segal, also for Showtime.With Cicely Tyson & James Earl Jones in TNT's "Heatwave" (ACE Award Winner), Sally starred in Albert Onerato's Obie Award-winning "Death and Taxes". Sally played Broadway star Helen Lawson in 65 episodes of "Valley of the Dolls" for New World / CBS, and was nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press as Best Actress in a Movie for Television for FOX - TV's "The Haunted, a True Story". This movie has been re-airing on The SciFi Channel multiple times every year.Onstage, Sally has performed in over 80 plays -- including her critically acclaimed performances in the L.A. premiere of Sam Shepard's "Curse of the Starving Class" at the Met. She also starred in "These Women" at L.A.T.C. Sally inaugurated the Marilyn Monroe Theater with "Twelfth Night" in which she played "Viola" (with Diahne Abbott, the then Mrs. Robert De Niro, playing Olivia). It was critically acclaimed by the L.A. Times. Also at the Marilyn Monroe Theater, Sally received Drama-Logue's Best Actress Award for David Rabe's "In the Boom Boom Room", and was again critically lauded for her lead role in the Alan Aykborn play "Woman in Mind" (1991) with the ACT Company at the Westport Playhouse.In 1986, Sally starred in Vaclev Havel's Obie Award - winning "Largo Desolato" for Joe Papp's New York Public Theater, and repeated her performance on KCTV. Sally starred in her own one - woman show, "Nonnie Bruce & the Power She Calls Love", with her own band (1995).Off - Broadway in New York, Sally played Miranda in "The Tempest", Helena in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and starred in Terence McNally's "Sweet Eros" and "Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone". Sally was the leading actress in The La Mama Troupe, with director Tom O' Horgen, and starred in 12 plays there -- including "Tom Paine" and the stage & filmed versions of "Futz". And in 1985, she was critically acclaimed in "Woman Beware of Woman"(off broadway).For Equity Waiver, Sally has produced numerous projects, including the aforementioned "Twelfth Night"(Viola), and the L.A. premieres of "G.R. Point" & "Mad Vincent". Sally directed James McClure's "Private Wars" at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and his "Lone Star" for the L.A. Actor's Studio. She also directed and starred with Francis Fisher in McClure's "Laundry in Bourbon" for the New York Actor's Studio. In early 1999, she starred in "When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream and Shout" at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles by Scottish playwright Sharman MacDonald. In 2000, Sally starred at the Court Theater to critical raves starring in "Powder Room Suite " (with Lana Clarkson who was tragically shot dead in Phil Spectres house, Feb. 2003).Sally is a lifetime member of The Actor's Studio, a faculty member of the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, and facilitator for Insight Transformational Seminars. She has coached over 3,000 people -- and privately coached Barbara Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Roseanne, Sela Ward, Phillip Michael Thomas, & Sandra Bullock, Dwight Yoakam, Bill Paxton, & Brawley Nolte ("Paycheck"), and was instrumental in launching the careers of Amy Madigan and Rebecca de Mornay. Sally introduced yoga to Farrah Fawcett, Dwight Yoakum, Robert Redford, Raul Julia, Robert De Niro, Elia Kazan, Bob Dylan, James Keach, Sandra Bullock, Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss among others, and has been on staff at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York and Los Angeles.Sally is an ordained minister in the Church of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and is on the advisory board for the Institute for Individual & World Peace, as well as for ACE and Educare (for at risk children & teens). Sally is the recipient of several humanitarian awards including Blue Cross and the Crippled Children's Society, The Southern California Motion Picture Council's Humanitarian Award, & the Omni Humanitarian Award (for her contribution to the arts by bringing and supporting the arts for children of all races between the ages of 7 thru 15 including acting, dancing, singing, and music).Sally counsels people spiritually and about a Alternative Health information in person, on radio, on T.V., and with her telephone hotline (323-650-2215). Former California Governor Gray Davis appointed Sally to the board of CAAE (California Alliance for Arts Education). Sally is passionate about "Bringing Arts Back To The School System". Elizabeth Dole appointed Sally to her leadership committee in her campaign for "Presidency 2000". (Sally is a Democrat, but is totally in support of women in office). Sally is a published poet, and her artwork, featured in Eye on the Arts Magazine, can frequently be seen in her films and in N.Y. & L.A. art shows. Sally continues teaching worldwide with the Sally Kirkland Acting & Yoga Workshop..Spring 2000 found Sally filming "celebrity" for Shane Salerno and Danny DeVito's production company for Fox. In Pittsburgh during 2000, Sally played Elizabeth Maltby in "Out of the Black". She also received the 1999 Minister of the Year from the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, and the Diversity Award for 1999.Her awards since 1999/2000 include The 2003 Honorary Award for Contribution to the Arts by the Malibu Chamber of Commerce.Source:
I have married thriteen couples. I'm about to do a marriage next month.More Sally Kirkland quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
My point is that, over the years, I've taught five thousand people acting and lately I have a lot of energy on these kids, having the same break I had as a high school girl.More Sally Kirkland quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
In Europe you can be Sophia, you can be these older women who are considered very sexy.More Sally Kirkland quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
My attitude is always one of sensuality, aggressive enthusiasm and a kind of outrageousness in my expression.More Sally Kirkland quotes [08/04/2011 03:08:40]
With my ministry of light, part of what I do is work on the California Alliance For Arts Education.More Sally Kirkland quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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