Brooke Langton

Brooke Langton

Her role as Samantha Reilly Campbell on TV series Melrose Place


"I'm not a very feminine girl, I'm more of a tomboy girl, so I can play action
people more than I would be playing, like, Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential. I
think it's more my physicality. It's cool, it's sort of what God gave you, you
go with it. If I had huge breasts and blonde hair, I'd be playing that role
right now on Star Trek in a really tight rubber suit or something! So I don't
mind it at all." Brooke Langton

American television and movie actress Brooke Langton is most known for her
ingénue work as Samantha Reilly in Fox's melodrama "Melrose Place" (1996-1998).
In addition to Melrose Place, the actress has done solid work in numerous TV
shows such as "Baywatch," "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Chicago Hope," "The Single
Guys," "Party of Five," "Extreme" and "The Net." After making her debut with
Charlie Sheen's vehicle Terminal Velocity (1994), attractive Langton has started
to carve out a feature film career with role as a jilted lesbian in Listen
(1996) and the object of the eyes of one of the Swingers (1996). She further
established her movie career with a number of films like Reach the Rock (1998),
Playing Mona Lisa (2000), The Replacements (2000), Kiss the Bride (2002) and the
Partners (2005). Langton will add the drama Beautiful Dreamer (2005) and the
comedy The Benchwarmers (2006) to her acting resume.

As for her private life, 5' 8" inch tall Langton is now the wife Carl Hagmier,
an Internet executive whom she married in 2005. Before the marriage, she had a
brief relationship with actor George Clooney in 1999. Langton currently resides
in Los Angeles with her husband and her two dogs.

"Kissing someone can really tell you a lot about him. It's a way of expressing
yourself, without getting graphic." Brooke Langton

Itinerant Life

Childhood and Family:

In a copper-mining town in Arizona, Brooke Langton was born on November 27,
1970. She is the daughter of Jackson Langton, a geologist, and his surgical
nurse wife. Brooke's grandpa is Steven Cummings, a B-24 pilot in WWII whose
Captain was the actor James Stewart. Growing up listening to her grandpa's
stories, young Brooke fell in love with Stewart's films.

Her parents separated when Brooke was only a little girl. After the divorce, she
lived with her mom and began taking a traveling life. From Arizona, Brooke moved
to Illinois, then to Euless, Texas, where she grew up. She later relocated to
Portland, Oregon, where Brooke took parts in theater. She also spent months
working as a commercial actress in Japan before returning to the US to study
about marine biology at San Diego State University. By early 1990s, Brooke has
settled down in Los Angeles to give acting a try. She took acting lessons with
Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

Brooke married her fiancé Carl Hagmier, an Internet Executive, in February 2005.
When not working, the brunette beauty enjoys walking her dogs, snowboarding,
water-skiing and deep-sea diving.

Beautiful Dreamer


Arizona-born, Texas-raised Brooke Langton broke into acting after a brief stint
in modeling and TV commercials, working primarily in Japan. Arriving in Los
Angeles in the early of 1990s, Langton made a career transformation in 1992 when
she appeared as an extra in TV serial like "Freshman Dorm," "Baywatch," "Beverly
Hills, 90210" and "California Dreams." Langton's first real break arrived two
years later with the unsold Fox pilot The Wyatts, where she was picked up to
star with William McNamara. The same year, she was cast as Joan Van Ark and
Stephen Macht's daughter in television movie Moment of Truth: A Mother's
Deception (1994). Langton also had her first taste in front of the film camera
that same year with a bit part in Terminal Velocity (1994), which starred
Charlie Sheen. She soon got her second exposure, this time with a costarring
role in the comedy Beach House (1995).

Langton segued into TV with the starring role of a woman who beleaguered by a
nut guy but whose judge father can do nothing to help her in television film
Moment of Truth: Eye of the Stalker (1995). She made TV series debut as regular
in the ABC short-lived adventure "Extreme" (1995), portraying Sarah Bowen, a
waitress turned rescue team member working for James Brolin. Langton also
appeared as a guest starred in shows like "Chicago Hopes," "The Single Guys,"
"Party of Five," Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father and "Sliders."

With a number of TV roles under her belt, Langton finally landed her most
prominent small screen role when she was chosen to play Samantha Reilly Campbell
on Fox primetime serial "Melrose Place" (1996), a role that helped catapult her
status. Langton remained with her role until 1998.

While working in the melodrama, the actress intensified her range into movie
roles as well. Langton was so impressive as Nikki, Jon Favreau's love interest,
in Doug Liman's breakthrough indie hit Swingers (1996) that she was garnered
notice from film critics. The memorable performance was followed by Listen
(1996, as jilted lesbian), The Small Hours (1997) and Mixed Signals (1997) and
Reach the Rock (1998). The latter saw the actress as the object of single
night's competition between a young man and a cop.

After leaving Melrose Place, Langton starred in her own show titled "The Net"
(1998), a series based on the Sandra Bullock movie of the same name. As lead
Angela Bannet, a woman who tries to escape from the information highway, Langton
failed to charm the hearts of American that resulted to the series' cancellation
before it could reach a one-season of running.

Following the postponement, Langton made her way back to movie in the new
millennium to take roles either in low-profile or independent features. In 2000,
she offered a memorable supporting turn as Sabrina in the festival-screened
comedy Playing Mona Lisa, starring Alicia Witt. The same year, she switched gear
as the romantic leading lady opposite Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman in the
Howard Deutch-helmed The Replacements, where she was cast as Reeves'
cheerleader-lover Annabelle Farrell.
Returning to TV, Langton tried her fortune on a new television series, "Fling"
(2001), but like its predecessor, Fling failed to find an audience and was
immediately axed by the network. She then appeared as Nicoletta 'Niki' Sposato
in movie Kiss the Bride (2002) and got scene-deleted in Ang Lee's Hulk (2003)
before taking some time out off the spotlight.

In 2005, after a few year hiatus from filmmaking, Langton returned to film by
stepping back into the indie realm with Partner(s), where she was featured as
Lucy. She also re-embarked on the small screen with a guest appearance in an
episode of "Weeds" (2005). Langton will soon star opposite Colin Egglesfield and
Barry Corbin in Terri Farley's drama Beautiful Dreamer (2005) and appear as
Kathy Dobson in the comedy The Benchwarmers (2006) helmed by Dennis Dugan.

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