Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden

Her role on TV series I Dream of Jeannie (1965)
Barbara Eden, everyone's favorite genie, is a most beloved, endearing and enduring leading lady Great star of stage, TV, movies, radio, and records with credits long and varied. She is is an actress/singer who is always in demand for live stage productions. She has starred in such popular national touring productions like "Woman Of The Year", "Nite Club Confidential", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and her acclaimed nite club act "A Magical Evening With Barbara Eden". She also starred in "The Odd Couple Couple...The Female Version" with her friend Rita McKenzie.In addition, Barbara does TV and starred in "The Great American Quiz Show". Though She is best known and most famous for her role of "Jeannie" she also played Jeannie's sister and Jeannie's mother.She also starred in both the movie and TV show "Harper Valley P.T.A." She starred in a string of TV movies begining in 1970 making at least one annually each year for the networks and the most recent was filmed in 1995 and starred in many theatrical movies begining in 1956.Barbara starred in commercials for "L'Egg's" and the TV special "The Best Of Everything".Her captivating guest starring role in 5 episodes of CBS' "Dallas" reunited her with her "Jeannie" co star. She enjoyed her guest starring role of the Great Aunt in 3 episodes of "Sabrina".Barbara is 5 feet 3 3/4 in height.She graduated Abraham Lincoln high school in 1949.She entered and won the Miss San Francisco Pageant.She entered the Miss California Pageant.She became a member of Actor's Equity when she was 16.She studied acting with Elizabeth Holloway School Of Theatre and singing at the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music.She also went one year at the San Francisco City College Of Theatre.Her Grandfather was born in 1872 in Germantown,Pennsylvania and was a direct decendent of Benjamin Franklin. Her Grandfather was a builder,a cabinet maker.Her Grandparents married in 1899.Her mother Alice was a jewlery store credit manager born August 13,1915.She made her movie debut in the 1956 RKO movie "Back From Eternity" in a uncredited role playing the "Blonde College Girl From The School Paper".Discovery in the Hollywood sense came her way when she was in a play and Fox Film Director Mark Robson came to the play and saw her in the play and met with her after the show.He brought her to the 20Th Century Fox studios in 1956 where she did a screen test and they were going to put her in the movie "Peyton Place" though they put her in the movie "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" playing the uncredited role of "Miss Carstairs" in a scene with Tony Randall.Her 3rd movie "The Wayward Girl" a Republic picture was the first movie she was listed in the credits for her role of "Molly".Her 3rd major TV Guest role was in "I Love Lucy" Episode 177 The Country Club Dance and Lucy was going to give her a contract only she received a call from her agent that the 20Th Century Fox studios wanted her while she was on the set the last day of filming with Lucy and then Fox studios put her in the syndicated TV comedy "How To Marry A Millionaire" that was in production from 1957 until 1959 and produced 52 episodes.While at Fox studios She dated actors Robert Vaughn and Barry Coe.Then in October,1957 she met Actor Michael Ansara and married him January 17,1958 (they were married 15 years).They had a son Matthew Michael Ansara born Sunday,August 29,1965 at 6:59AM.When she was a contract player at 20Th Century Fox, she had dance lessons.She guest starred in an episode of "Perry Mason" just before she began "How To Marry A Millionaire".She did a 1 minute scene with Paul Newman in the movie "From The Terrace".She did a screen test for the 20Th Century Fox movie "State Fair" in May,1960 though didn't get the movie.Fox studios instead put her in the movie "Flaming Star" with Elvis Presley,Steve Forrest,and Dolores Del Rio.She was introduced 20 minutes into the 1961 movie "Voyage" dancing while Frankie Avalon played the trumpet.Other leading lady roles in movies like "Swingin' Along" and "Five Weeks in A Balloon" followed.She guest starred in many shows like "Adventures in Paradise" (playing "Ginny Grant"),"Cain's Hundred" (playing "Terri Emson"), and "Saints And Sinners" (playing an actress named Nora).Then in 1963 after starring in the movie "The Yellow Canary" (playing "Lissa Paxton") Fox studios let many of their contract players go because of financial reasons and so she went to star in movies for Universal,MGM and Columbia Pictures.From 1963 until 1965 She guest starred in 4 episodes of "Burke's Law".She did the last episode of "Route 66" (playing "Margo").She did a movie with Ginger Rogers and she did an episode of "The Virginian" and guest starred in other shows like "Slattery's People".Then came her most Famous role of her career the genie the one named "Jeannie" that is.Sidney Sheldon called her on the phone and she met with him and got her now famous role of "Jeannie".She loved the genie costume.The only influence she had was the color of the costume.She chose the pink color.The woman who made the genie costume won an award for it.The show ran for 5 years and 139 episodes and continues in reruns.During the whole run of the show, NBC censors forbade her to show her navel and it wasn't until she did the "Jeannie" Reunion movies that she was allowed to show her navel.In addition to playing "Jeannie" she also played the role of Jeannie's sister also named "Jeannie" in 9 episodes and she played Jeannie's mother "Mrs Jeannie" in a few episodes.After "Jeannie" in 1970 she began starring in a string of made for TV movies making at least one a year for one of the networks.Her Best known role after "Jeannie" was playing "Stella" in "Harper Valley P.T.A." During the run of "Harper Valley" she did commercials for "L"Egg's" for and hosted the Country Music Awards Show and enjoyed hosting the special.She likes country music and the country entertainers.She likes their honesty.They are sincere.She guest starred in more than 50 musical specials and 21 Bob Hope specials.She did her nite club act "The Barbara Eden Show" December 27,28,28,30,31,1980 and She was in the movie "Loco Love."She starred with Don Knotts in a 11 city touring production of the comedy play "The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers". She was nominated for Golden Globe Awards in the 1960's for her role of "Jeannie" and she won the Golden Bell Award for the most popular actress in the world in 1983.Her son Matthew was an actor.Her niece Katherine Fugate is a writer who wrote the script for the movie "The Prince And Me".She received the Pioneer Broadcasters Award in 1985 and received the Hollywood Walk Of Fame sidewalk star November 17,1988. She began 1990 hosting the Tournament Of Roses Parade for NBCTV.She received an honorary law degree in 1990. She hosted "The 40Th Annual Miss USA Pageant" with Dick Clark for CBS February 22,1991.She reprised her most famous role of "Jeannie" in TV Movie Reunions and in the movie "A Very Brady Sequel" and a TV commercial for Lexus that debuted on TV July 15,1998 though the commercial was not shown alot.The next month she played "Jeannie" again for a TV commercial for "Old Navy Stores" that debuted August 8,1998.She hosted the Miss Florida Pageant in July,1998.She was inducted into the California Broadcasters Hall Of Fame July 18,2003. She won the 1st Annual TV Land Award For Best Dual Role for playing "Jeannie" and Jeannie's Sister "Jeannie" in 2003.She met Charles Donald Fegert in 1974 and married him September 3,1977 (until 1983).She met Jon Trusdale Eicholtz in 1989 and married him January 5,1991.They have a pet dog named Djinn Djinn.Source:
I didn't know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I'm in very good company with her.More Barbara Eden quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I didn't know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I'm in very good company with her.More Barbara Eden quotes [08/24/2011 05:08:24]
Changing Myrtle Beach? It makes me feel very good ... If it's changing, it's changing for the positive.More Barbara Eden quotes [03/23/2006 12:03:00]
There's a wonderful humanness to it. The writer is a genius. I guess he knew his subject, the Eastern establishment.More Barbara Eden quotes [03/23/2006 12:03:00]
I love working with Larry. He's very special to me. We work so well together that I couldn't imagine anyone else doing it.More Barbara Eden quotes [03/23/2006 12:03:00]

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