Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda

Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda

President of the Republic of Lithuania since July 12, 2019
In the case of electricity, there may be a forced shutdown from BRELL, if Russia itself decides so. In this case, cardinal decisions would be required, certain challenges would appear. But they are primarily related to the fact that we would have to quickly use our additional capacity. This would lead to certain stresses in the system, but they can be solved. The most important thing is that we have agreements with Western partners that could supply us with additional electricity, even through NordBalt.More Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda quotes [01/06/2023 09:01:08]
I would like to be diplomatic and use rhetoric that could be a little different from the rhetoric that has been used before.More Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda quotes [01/06/2023 09:01:49]
I think we cannot call Lukashenko legitimate, since there were no free democratic elections in Belarus ... An absolutely necessary condition for maintaining normal relations with Belarus is free elections and the logical outcome of such elections ... The world and the international community must join in resolving this situation and take an active participation in conflict resolutionMore Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda quotes [01/06/2023 09:01:55]
Russia is interested in having a satellite state, and Belarus, perhaps, will be completely included in Russia if we passively observe what is happening. Our interest, not only of Lithuania, but of the entire European Union, is for Belarus to be a stable, democratic and independent stateMore Gitanas Gitanas Nauseda quotes [01/06/2023 09:01:08]

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