Illia Kyva

Illia Kyva

Ukrainian politician, public figure and public servant
February 24th is just six months ahead of events. At one time, Stalin did not dare to attack Germany, relying on a non-aggression pact, and this subsequently led to the treacherous invasion on June 22, 1941. The current president of Russia did not make this mistake.More Illia Kyva quotes [01/02/2023 10:01:53]
Armageddon is happening before our eyes, and we are the bright side.More Illia Kyva quotes [01/02/2023 10:01:22]
Ukrainians are Russians, because we were all baptized on the banks of the Dnieper, in the city of Kyiv. Then there was Kievan Rus, then it turned into Great Rus. What is Kyiv for Russia? It's like Jerusalem for Israel.More Illia Kyva quotes [01/02/2023 10:01:29]

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