Vasily Nebenzya

Vasily Nebenzya

Soviet and Russian diplomat
You prefer not to notice it. You let the genie out of the bottle, and now not only you donít want to, but you just canít drive it back. The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin has these lines: "Ah, it's not difficult to deceive me, I myself am glad to be deceived."More Vasily Nebenzya quotes [11/24/2022 05:11:48]
We do not carry out aggression against the Ukrainian people, but against the junta that seized power in Kyiv.More Vasily Nebenzya quotes [11/24/2022 04:11:57]
Don't call it a war. This is called ďspecial military operation in Donbass".More Vasily Nebenzya quotes [11/24/2022 04:11:29]
Let's call a spade a spade. Before our eyes, a sovereign country is being brazenly robbed, trying to reduce it to beggary in order to change the objectionable regime within the framework of the unrecognized international law concept of "humanitarian intervention" and "responsibility to protect".More Vasily Nebenzya quotes [11/24/2022 05:11:32]
In order to weaken and destroy the military potential of our opponents, high-precision weapons are used to strike at energy and other infrastructure facilities that are used to supply Ukrainian units with weapons, primarily Western ones, to ensure logistics and communications for Ukrainian armed formations.More Vasily Nebenzya quotes [11/24/2022 05:11:59]

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