Momcilo Mihajlovic

Momcilo Mihajlovic

We could become smarter, but we do not want to lose our national identity.More Momcilo Mihajlovic quotes [01/23/2021 06:01:45]
To restore the unity of the desert, it was decided to destroy the oases.More Momcilo Mihajlovic quotes [01/23/2021 06:01:12]
The minister realized that he was surrounded by thieves. Two million disappeared, and he took only one.More Momcilo Mihajlovic quotes [01/23/2021 06:01:17]
For the fact that we have become a peace-loving people, we will take revenge on you!More Momcilo Mihajlovic quotes [01/23/2021 06:01:42]
Previously, the government spoiled people, but now ready-made cadres are coming to power.More Momcilo Mihajlovic quotes [01/23/2021 06:01:03]

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