Aleksandar Mijalkovic

Aleksandar Mijalkovic

A minute of silence is a sign of approval.More Aleksandar Mijalkovic quotes [01/23/2021 08:01:50]
And let the unemployed go about their business!More Aleksandar Mijalkovic quotes [01/23/2021 08:01:48]
I got in line for bread. For procreation.More Aleksandar Mijalkovic quotes [01/23/2021 08:01:29]
History writes novels in which they very often lose their heads.More Aleksandar Mijalkovic quotes [01/23/2021 08:01:09]
Любовь к ближнему откладывается до лучших времён.More Aleksandar Mijalkovic quotes [01/23/2021 08:01:45]

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