Rachel Blanchard

Rachel Blanchard

Her role as Cher Horowitz on TV series Clueless


“I have dreams, and sometimes you wonder how far you’ll go for those dreams,
especially when the boundaries of work are very ill-defined. I walk out of some
auditions thinking, ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’” Rachel Blanchard

Canadian television and movie actress Rachel Blanchard is maybe most well-known
for her portrayals as Beverly Hills teen extraordinaire Cher Horowitz in the TV
series adaptation “Clueless” (1996-99) and Roxanne Richardson in the successful
drama “7th Heaven” (2002-04). She also starred in such series as “War of the
Worlds” (1988-90), the popular Nickelodeon “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”
(1992-93), “Criss Cross” (1993) and the acclaimed sitcom “Peep Show” (2004).

As a movie actress, the blonde performer who frequently be confused with other
flaxen celebrity beauties like Maggie Lawson and Sara Paxton has dotted her
resume with numerous vehicles, including Iron Eagle IV (1995), The Rage: Carrie
2 (1999), Road Trip (2000), Sugar & Spice (2001), Without a Paddle (2004) and
Where the Truth Lies (2005).Recently costarring in Bruce McCulloch’s Comeback
Season (2006), Blanchard is scheduled to appear in David R. Ellis’ horror Snakes
on a Plane (2006), with Samuel L. Jackson, Byron Lawson as well as Nathan
Phillips, and star in Our Thirties (2006, TV).

Off screen, Blanchard is a vegetarian. She was named the 73rd of FHM’s “100
Sexiest Girls” in 2001 and was listed No. 37 in this magazines’ 2002 poll.


Childhood and Family:

On March 19, 1976, Rachel Elise Blanchard was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
She attended Humbercrest Junior Public School in Toronto, Ontario and furthered
her studies at Havergal College, an all girls school in Toronto. After
graduation, she went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, to
study psychology, but drooping out to pursue acting career. A passionate hockey
fan, Rachel was a member of her school’s hockey team and continues to practice
the sport up to now. She also likes spending her spare time by doing such
activities as traveling, rock-climbing and hiking.

7th Heaven


Toronto born and raised actress Rachel Blanchard got her start in a McDonald’s
commercial, a role that pave the ways for her subsequent acting jobs. Her first
real acting assignment came in 1982 with the TV series “The Kids of Degrassi
Street,” ensued by a recurring part in “The Littlest Hobo” (1985), a supporting
turn as Wendy in the TV drama Alex: The Life of a Child (1986), as well as a
regular in the syndicated show “War of the Worlds” (1988-90), portraying a
microbiologist’s daughter Debi McCullough.

A young Blanchard went on to undertake TV roles by guest starring in “Katts and
Dog” and “The Hitchhiker” (both 1990) and having her sophomore telepic in
Clarence (1990). But, it was her role as Kristen in the hit Nickelodeon
supernatural anthology series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (1992-93) that won
Blanchard notice. In the meantime, she also had a supporting role as Tania in
the Canadian-produced TV movie On My Own, which was released theatrically in the
U.S in 1992, and played co-ed Dinah McGee in the prep school comedy-drama “Criss
Cross” (1993).

Blanchard teamed up with Stacy Keach, Margot Kidder, Nick Mancuso and Kristen
Holden-Reid in the Canadian film Young Ivanhoe, directed by Ralph L. Thomas, and
appeared as Kitty Shaw in the Louis Gossett, Jr. starring vehicle Iron Eagle IV
(both 1995) before returning to small screen as Ellen Fisher in the first four
episodes of the short-lived series “Flash Forward,” the next year.

Her breakthrough TV role, however, arrived when she won the coveted role of Cher
Horowitz in the sitcom version “Clueless” (1996-1999), a role that was played by
Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 movie with the same name. Blanchard became famous
for her role as the admired, fortunate and irrepressibly cheerful Beverly Hills
teenager during the show’s runs.

Following the flourishing stints, Blanchard fully focused on her film career
with performances in a sequel to the cult classic Carrie, The Rage: Carrie 2
(1999), Tod Phillips’ comedy Road Trip (2000, portrayed Brekin Meyer’s lover
Tiffany), the Marla Sokoloff and Marley Shelton comedy Sugar & Spice (2001, as a
cheerleader turned bank robber), Joel Silverman’s indie Nailed (2001, costarred
with Brad Rowe and Harvey Keitel), the drama Chasing Holden (2001, along with DJ
Qualls) and the Thom Fitzgerald Toronto-screened The Wild Dogs (2002, starred as
Moll). She took a hiatus from the cinematic industry to join the cast of the WB
hit drama “7th Heaven” in the regular role of Roxanne Richardson during 2002-04
seasons. In 2004, she resurfaced on the big screen with a feature role in the
comedy Without a Paddle, with Dax Shepard, Seth Green and Matthew Lillard. The
same year, the actress was also seen in the award-winning English sitcom “Peep
Show,” where she received critical praise for her turn as Nancy.

2005 saw roles in television drama 1/4life, an episode of “Joey” and the Kevin
Bacon and Colin Firth vehicle Where the Truth Lies, portraying the ill-fated
Maureen. Blanchard recently found herself acting with Ray Liotta, Glenne Headly
and Shaun Sipos in writer-director Bruce McCulloch’s comedy-romance Comeback
Season (2006), and she has completed a made-for-TV film, Our Thirties (2006).
The comedy cast Blanchard in the starring role Jessica, along side Mike Faiola
and Rashida Jones. She will also be featured along with Samuel L. Jackson, Byron
Lawson as well as Nathan Phillips in Snakes on a Plane (2006), a horror-thriller
by David R. Ellis.

“Winston Churchill was not entirely British. His mother was American, making Sir Winston part Iroquois Indian.”More Rachel Blanchard quotes [10/03/2006 12:10:00]
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Winston Churchill was not entirely British. His mother was American, making Sir Winston part Iroquois Indian.More Rachel Blanchard quotes [10/17/2011 12:10:40]
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