Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin

His role as Detective Beau Felton on NBC series Homicide: Life on the Street


American actor Daniel Baldwin is popular as the beefiest of the apparently
never-ending stream of acting Baldwin brothers healing from Long Island, New
York. Darkly handsome, slightly chunky Daniel initially gained notice while
portraying Cheezy, an over-sexed associate of star Valerie Bertinelli, in the
CBS short-lived "Sydney (1990)." He received even more recognition as astute guy
Detective Beau Felton in NBC's plucky Baltimore-based cop series "Homicide: Life
on the Street" (1993-1995). Daniel also sparkled as the loutish husband of Daryl
Hannah in the TV movie remake of Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1993), Charles
Bronson's son in CBS's A Family of Cops (1995) and William Stanton in NBC film
Twisted Desire (1996, with Isabella Hofmann).

On the silver screen, 6' 2" inch tall Daniel is probably well-remembered by his
admirers as Montoya, James Woods' sturdy fellow hunter of the undead, in John
Carpenter's Vampires (1998). Two years before, he made an impact on audiences
with Lee Tamahori's Mulholland Falls (1996) and Steve Buscemi's Trees Lounge
(1996). After performances in Boardwalk Poets (2005), Shut Up and Shoot! (2005),
Our Fathers (2005, TV) and Sidekick (2005), the actor will soon be seen acting
in the upcoming The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (2006), Final Move
(2006) and Searching for Mickey Fish (2006).

Off screen, in 1998, Daniel was discovered in his hotel room suffering from a
suspected drugs overdose and was taken to hospital in "critical condition." As
for his private life, Daniel has been married twice. He first tied the knot with
Cheryl Baldwin, but they later got divorce. Daniel remarried, to second wife
Elizabeth Baldwin in 1990 and became estranged two years later. The couple
finally filed for divorce in 1996. He now lives with actress Isabella Hofmann.
The union met in 1994 and engaged since February 1995. Daniel is the father of
four children, Kahlea (born in 1983, mother Cheryl Baldwin), Alexandra (born in
1994, mother Elizabeth Baldwin), Atticus (born in 1996, mother Isabella Hofmann)
and one more child from Elizabeth Baldwin.

Danny the Black Sheep

Childhood and Family:

In Massapequa, Long Island, New York, Daniel Leroy Baldwin was born on October
5, 1960 to a school teacher father, Alexander Rae Jr. (died of lung cancer in
1983) and a breast-cancer survivor mother, Carol Newcomb (nee Martineau). The
third of Baldwin six siblings, Danny, as the family usually christen him, has
two sisters, Elizabeth (aka Beth Keuchler, born in 1955) and Jane (aka Jane
Sasso, born in 1965), and three brothers, actors Alec Baldwin (born in 1958),
William Baldwin (born in 1963) and Stephen Baldwin (born in 1967). His uncles,
Charles H. Baldwin and Joseph Baldwin, are also actors.

Danny, who describes himself as "the black sheep" (the one who got into trouble
with the law) of the siblings, was educated at Massapequa High School before
attending Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York. He also studied
Psychology at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, but left college before he
could graduate.

As for his romantic life, Danny once tied the knot with Cheryl Baldwin, but the
marriage later ended in divorce. Danny and his first wife shares a daughter
named Kahlea (born in 1983). In 1990, he began a new family by marrying
Elizabeth Baldwin, but this marriage also met with failure in 1996. With his
second wife, Danny has two children, one of whom is daughter Alexandra (born in
1994). He also has one son, Atticus (born on July 13, 1996), from his long-term
relationship with Isabella Hofmann (1994-present).

John Carpenter's Vampires


The last of the Baldwin siblings to pierce the entertainment industry, Daniel
Baldwin, kicked off his acting career at age 28 when he made TV movie debut with
Too Good to Be True (1988). A year later, he jumped start to the big screen
movie with the unnoticed spot of Vet #1 - Democratic Convention in Born on the
Fourth of July (1989). With the help of his more high-status brothers Alec,
William and Stephen, Daniel soon launched himself and gathered a reputable

His first brush toward fame arrived when Daniel was recruited as a regular cast
in the CBS sitcom Sydney (1990), playing Cheezy, an over-sexed associate of star
Valerie Bertinelli. Though the series quickly axed by the network, it helped
Daniel further establish his status. Roles began to roll in. In 1991, he landed
his first large film role in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, starring Don
Johnson, and then teamed up with Dustin Hoffman in Stephen Frears' Hero in the
following year. He won the title character of Ned Blessing: The True Story of My
Life (1992, TV), but was not cast for the short-lived 1993 series.

Daniel delivered next big breakthrough when he was cast as series' regular wise
guy Detective Beau Felton in NBC's courageous Baltimore-based cop show
"Homicide: Life on the Street" (1993). Due to his fine performance, Daniel
received critical raves from critics. Sadly, he left the show after a two-year
run and his character was finally killed off in a powerful two-part episode in
In addition to the much-talk-about-performance, Daniel impressed many with his
good portrayal of Harry Archer, Daryl Hannah's rough husband, in HBO remake of
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1993) and as Charles Bronson's son Ben Fein in CBS
movie A Family of Cops (1995). He also offered a notable performance as William
Stanton, opposite Isabella Hofmann, in NBC's Twisted Desire (1996). Though he
enjoyed great success on TV, Daniel had to deal with the box-office disasters
that included Car 54, Where Are You? (1994), Lone Justice (1994) and Dead on
Sight (1994). He fared better as FBI agent McCafferty in Lee Tamahori's
Mulholland Falls (1996) and Jerry in Steve Buscemi's feature directing debut
Trees Lounge (1996).

After roles in The Invader (1997), Love Kills (1998), Fallout (1998) and Desert
Thunder (1998), Daniel eventually could deliver perhaps his best feature work to
date in John Carpenter's Vampires (1998), in which he was cast as James Woods'
tough vampire-hunting partner Montoya. Unfortunately, his significant
contribution in the film was eclipsed by his much publicized arrest for drug
possession in NYC. A recovering substance abuser, Daniel had to undergo
treatment one more and completed the personal and professional costs of his fall
off the wagon in a People magazine article in October 1998. He continued to take
roles in films like Phoenix (1998), The Pandora Project (1998), The Treat
(1998), On the Border (1998, TV), Wild Grizzly (1999, TV), Active Stealth
(1999), Water Damage (1999) and Water Damage (1999), but none of them gave
Daniel much needed boasts.

2000 saw the actor make six movies. He opened the new millennium with a
costarring role opposite Kim Coates in the thriller Tunnel (2000), and then
appeared in the drama Silver Man (2000), played the supporting role of Robert
Freedman in the action Net Worth (2000), made his feature directorial debut in
Fall (2000, also starred opposite Michael Madsen and Chad McQueen), played the
lead Det. Frank Tompkins in Double Frame (2000) and as Pike in Gamblin' (2000).
Daniel also embarked on the small screen with television films Homicide: The
Movie (2000) and Killing Moon (2000). Daniel kept on busy in the following years
with a dozen of projects under his belt, including the action Ancient Warriors
(2001), Stealing Candy (2002), Dynamite (2002), Open House (2003,TV), King of
the Ants (2003), Water's Edge (2003), Vegas Vamps (2003), The Real Deal (2004),
Irish Eyes (2004), the Mel Gibson-produced Paparazzi (2004), Anonymous Rex
(2004, TV) and The Blue Rose (2004).

In 2005, Daniel starred with James Oliver in the John Bevilacqua-directed
Boardwalk Poets, was featured in the comedy Shut Up and Shoot!, played Angelo
DeFranco in the TV movie adaptation of David France's epic book Our Fathers and
supported David Ingram and Perry Mucci in the fantasy Sidekick (2005). Daniel
also has three more films still in the productions, comedy The Beach Party at
the Threshold of Hell (2006), Final Move (2006) and Searching for Mickey Fish

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