Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Japanese fashion designer.
I very much like dance and dancers.More Issey Miyake quotes [07/26/2011 07:07:46]
I did not want to be labelled the designer who survived the atomic bomb, and therefore I have always avoided questions about Hiroshima.More Issey Miyake quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
By the way, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.More Issey Miyake quotes [07/26/2011 07:07:02]
I have worked with several dance companies.More Issey Miyake quotes [07/26/2011 07:07:27]
To be honest, I think we should find first the possibility to make it. Research is first - if you're not interested, you never can find something. Many things happen from forgotten machines - ones that are no longer used.More Issey Miyake quotes [07/26/2011 07:07:17]

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