Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

American actor


American actor Adam Baldwin, of no relation to the Baldwin brothers, was widely
remembered while playing Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket
(1987) and portraying Colonel Jack Riles in the TV movie The Cape (1996, also in
its TV series version). He also gained recognition for playing the mercenary
Jayne Cobb in the television series Firefly and reprising his role in its wide
screen version, Serenity (2005).

The 6' 4" tall actor who has naturally dark hair is frequently cast to play
bulky bad guys and psychopathic murderers. He appeared in films like D.C. Cab
(1983), 3:15 (1986), Predator 2 (1990), Independence Day (1996), Smoke Jumpers
(1996) and on the TV’s Radio Flyer (1992), From the Earth to the Moon (1998),
The X-Files, The Inside, and Angel. Debuting in the 1980’s My Bodyguard, Baldwin
recently played roles in Evil Eyes, The Freediver, "The Inside" (TV Series),
"Into the West" (miniseries) and will soon complete the upcoming miniseries "The
Poseidon Adventure."

Avid Golfer

Childhood and Family:

On February 27, 1962, Adam Baldwin was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended
New Trier Township High School East, Winnetka, Illinois. An avid golfer, Baldwin
won the Celebrity Golf Association Tour's Orlando Classic in February 1997.

Evil Eyes


Adam Baldwin once worked as a truck driver before director Tony Bill discovered
him. The director handed him the costarring role of Ricky Linderman, the
school's most feared kid and Chris Makepeace’s bodyguard, in the drama film My
Bodyguard (1980). He followed it up with a small part in Robert Redford’s
adaptation of Judith Guest’s novel Ordinary People (1980, starring Donald
Sutherland) and got a leading role in Joel Schumacher’s action comedy D.C. Cab
(1983, costarring Mr. T), playing a young Southerner who works as a cabbie at a
Washington rundown taxi company.

After appearing in the 1984’s Hadley's Rebellion and Reckless, Baldwin went to
the small screen, playing roles in the TV movies Pigs Vs. Freaks (1984), Out of
Time (1985), Poison Ivy (1985) and Welcome Home, Bobby (1986). He also performed
on stage, in a Chicago production of “Album.” In 1986, Baldwin starred as the
most feared member of a vicious street gang in Larry Gross’ 3:15 and as a young
cop turned wrestler in Bad Guys.

In the film version of Gustav Hasford's novel, “The Short Timers,” Stanley
Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (1987, with Matthew Modine and Arliss Howard),
Baldwin won his first notable role of the psychopathic war-loving soldier Animal
Mother. In the subsequent years, he landed casts in such films as The Chocolate
War (1988), Cohen and Tate (1989), Next of Kin (1989), Predator 2 (1990), Guilty
by Suspicion (1991), Radio Flyer (1992, as a drunken and abusive stepfather) and
Where the Day Takes You (1992).

Jules Verne's Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon (1993), Cold Sweat (1993),
Bitter Harvest (1993), Treacherous (1994), Blind Justice (1994), Wyatt Earp
(1994) and Digital Man (1995) were Baldwin’s film works during the early 1990s.
On television, he acted in the telemovies Murder in High Places (1991), Cruel
Doubt (1992), The Last Shot (1993), Deadbolt (1993), Sawbones (1995), Shadow-Ops
(1995), Smoke Jumpers (1996) and Trade Off (1996). He also played the
reoccurring role of Michael O'Ryan in the series "The Visitor."

Baldwin became Winona Ryder's father in Jocelyn Moorhouse’s romantic comedy film
adopted from Whitney Otto’s novel, How to Make an American Quilt, in 1995. He
then appeared in Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster sci-fi thriller Independence Day
and costarred with Jennifer Grey, Billy Campbell and Tim Curry in Pete Shaner’s
low budget comedy Lover's Knot (both in 1996).

TV audiences watched Baldwin played Col. Jack Riles in the NASA telemovie The
Cape and reprised his role in its brief-running series version in 1996 until
1997. The rest of the 1990s saw Baldwin played roles in Starquest II (1997),
"From the Earth to the Moon" (1998, miniseries), Gargantua (1998, TV),
Indiscreet (1998, TV) and portrayed the title role in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
(1999, TV).

The new millennium brought Baldwin in films like Roland Emmerich’s war drama The
Patriot (starring Mel Gibson), Lyndon Chubbuck’s romantic thriller The Right
Temptation (with Kiefer Sutherland, Rebecca De Mornay and Dana Delany), John
Putch’s romantic Pursuit of Happiness and Stuart Alexander’s romantic drama
Above and Beyond. He also appeared in the 2001’s Jackpot, Farewell, My Love,
Double Bang and starred in the 2002 film, Daniel Millican’s The Keyman. TV
watchers could watch him playing reoccurring role in the series "Jackie Chan
Adventures" (as Finn) and "The X Files" (as Knowle Rohrer, final two seasons).

Baldwin was cast to play character Jayne Cobb in the Fox’s lamented sci-fi cult
TV series "Firefly" (2002-2003) and later reprised his role in its wide screen
version, Joss Whedon-directed Serenity (2005, starring Nathan Fillion). After
starring in the 2003 telefilms Control Factor and Monster Makers, he portrayed
the son of the most prolific serial killer in American history, John Wayne Gacy
(played by Mark Holton), in Clive Saunders’ true-story based film, Gacy. He also
appeared in Mark L. Lester’s thriller Betrayal, shared the screen with Erika
Eleniak and Julie Du Page.

More recent, Baldwin starred in Mark Atkins’ creepy, yet inventive shocker Evil
Eyes (with Udo Kier and Mark Sheppard) and costarred Camilla Rutherford in Alki
David’s real-life based The Freediver (both in 2004). On the small screen,
Baldwin recently played a tough, seasoned FBI agent Special Agent Danny Love, in
the Fox’s psychological thriller "The Inside" (starring Rachel Nichols) and in
the western drama miniseries "Into the West." He also played reoccurring roles
in "Angel" (as Marcus Hamilton, final six episodes), "Stargate SG-1" (as Colonel
Dave Dixon) and in the animated series "Justice League" (as Rick Flagg). He is
currently completing his upcoming miniseries, playing the leading role in an
adaptation of Paul Gallico’s novel, "The Poseidon Adventure," which tells about
a cruise ship yields to a terrorist act and turns over on New Year's eve.

I tested for a couple of pilots, but they said I was too tall.More Adam Baldwin quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I don't prefer the guest star, one-shots. The arcs are more interesting because they give you more time to work through the character and they tend to give you more close-ups, which is what television is all about.More Adam Baldwin quotes [04/05/2006 12:04:00]
I'm no Leonardo DiCaprio.More Adam Baldwin quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I'm always looking, as an actor, for activities. I think it's far more interesting to watch what people do than what they say. You always want to watch behavior, because the dialogue as written by our illustrious leaders is great. Eminently playable.More Adam Baldwin quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I just consider myself a piece of the puzzle and I'm lucky enough to be asked or invited to the party, if you will. I hope I can bring some laughs and grimaces to the fans.More Adam Baldwin quotes [04/05/2006 12:04:00]

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